From everlasting, in the counsel of his will, He saw those who would believe through faith.  He planted His seed, He knows who they are.  Is it you?  You will know if you recognize the voice that calls, else it falls on deaf ears, choked with the cares of the world – you cannot hear; then He is not speaking to you, you're not a seed of His planting.

Every person is convinced they are doing what is right to ensure an end that leads to an everlasting life.  Or, they just do not believe in that afterlife stuff at all. 

The latter group is better off.  Their afterlife will be at first a shock, and then filled with the regret that they never believed in God.  But in hell, their anguish will mainly consist of this remorse alone.  They lived a life of pleasure here, and received a just reward, they will accept this fact (Luk 16:19-31).  However, the torments of hell will cause them to cry out first for relief, then for someone to go and warn their loved ones. 

Preaching is the only warning you are going to get.  It may seem foolish, but it is wise (1Co 1:21).  You see, you wouldn’t believe even if someone returned from the dead (which they did), and which is the central message of preaching.  It is the world that blinds you to this truth.

The first group is vast in comparison to the second.  You have false religions, reprobates, hypocrites, dissimulators, cults, the deceived, the lukewarm, the blind, there is just too many to list.  There is a commonality for most of them.  They all believe they are right, or at least believe in those that tell them they are right. 

The mental torments in hell for this group will reflect much the same torments they experience here for believing falsely, but to a more infinite degree.  You will know what I mean if you are in this group, because when you lay down at night and your conscience revives (it being away from the rudiments of the world), it is comparable to a nightmare because you know you are not chasing after the heart of God.  Most just turn the TV back on to silence the voice.  There are those in this group who no longer have a conscience, it is seared beyond repair.

There is a third group in the lost category.  This group absolutely believes there is a God, but they have chosen to worship Satan, or as they call him, Lucifer.  This group is mainly responsible for keeping the other two groups lost, as well as the accumulation of wealth and power.  They get their power from the Devil, and the Devil gives them the power to rule the world.  He tried to give this power to Jesus (Luk4:6-8), but Jesus rebuked him.

This is an elite group of individuals that belong to organizations that commit gross evils to perpetuate the power given to them by Satan.  You will say you are crazy; Satan worshippers do not control the world.  You must be someone from one of the other two groups, which is proof they are doing their job.  Because, if you were a seed of God’s planting you would recognize this truth as plainly taught in the Bible (Eph 2:2, Rev 13:7, 2Co 4:4, Eph 6:12, Act 26:18, Joh 14:30, 1Jn 5:19). 

While these Satanists are elite and at the top of the pyramid of control, they do have followers that also submit to them (and the Devil), in order to have power, wealth, fame, fulfill their desires, and so on.  Everything works in reverse order for them.  If God is truth, they are the lie (masked as the truth).  If God is love, they are hate (masked as love).  In other words, they do everything backwards, or at the other end of the spectrum from what God does and they call it right because that is what their father the Devil does. 

You very rarely see the elite, they are behind the scenes pulling the strings.  However, you see their puppets all the time.  Most of you believe everything the puppets say and do, what they tell you to buy, how they entertain you, what they preach to you, and so forth. 

You see, you do not get to be on TV unless the elite allow it.  That medium is controlled by the Devil.  For example, there is not one televangelist who speaks truth.  If there were, the elite would remove his show from the air.  What they speak is partial truth, sort of like rat poison.  That is, 99% of what they speak may be truth (the inert matter in rat poison), but it is the 1% that kills you.  Some of them know this, and the rest are just adhering to the false doctrines they were taught, which is the same difference.

I know someone who particularly likes one televangelist; they see him as some sort of prophet.  His central message is support Israel and he beats a war drum.  The elite love this, because they are all about war.  There are numerous videos of him visiting Israel and shaking hands with fellow sub-elitists (the leaders of Israel).  Many preachers beat the war drum, and that is why so many Christians support war against those who have never attacked us.  They are ignorantly influenced to do so by preachers who are equally deceived.  The elite love war, they fabricate news and events just to keep the Christians (and the rest) supporting it.

Come on man! Do you see Jesus beating a war drum?  War is about lust (Jas 4:1).  I was deceived by it for a time, and then I met the people that live in those countries we attack.  They see us as trespassers on their sovereignty, and they are right.  We are the ones starting the fight.  They did not do anything to us.  Defending freedom is just that, defend.  We are on the offensive under the guise of preventative measures, but only in countries with the resources the elite want. 

Why would the Pope be so involved in the politics of the world?  Jesus wasn’t.  Jesus rejected the powers of the world.  He preached a path that was straight and narrow.  The Pope is part of the elite’s control, if he is not one of the elite himself.  The Roman Catholic Church (Vatican) owns more land and has more gold than any nation.  They are one of the three districts in the chain of control.  The other two being London and the District of Columbia, why else would they all have the same obelisk on display.

As stated above, the Devil worshippers do everything opposite from God; they do this because your conscious mind cannot bridge the gap.  It is like listening to “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin.  Forward it was a popular rock song, backwards it was a satanic message, but you did not consciously know this because it was on the opposite spectrum, but your subconscious mind did.  Which is why they will many times put a picture of the truth in front of you, but tell you a lie?  Your subconscious mind will see the truth and believe, and your conscious mind will hear the lie and believe.

This is a popular practice of the media.  They did this before the Gulf War with the testimony of Nayirah, who claimed the Iraqi soldiers took babies out of incubators and took the incubators and left the babies to die.  Recently, they used a video (they made) from Syria of people in a hospital hosing children off with water from a supposed chemical attack.  Both events were false. 

The first never happened, and the second only happened because someone with a camera came running into the hospital and said the shelling had chlorine in it panicking the people merely washing dust off the children.  There was no chlorine gas.  Your subconscious mind sees the truth of the pictures, yes that is a girl crying and testifying, yes that is people washing children off with water, while they tell your conscious mind whatever lie they want.  A picture may be worth a thousand words…of lies.

Anything the world pushes you have to question it, you have to apply critical thinking.  If you don’t, you will just swallow the blue pill and believe whatever they tell you.  That is just part of it, it also takes Godly discernment.  If you are not studied up and prayed up in God, you will believe whatever delusion they throw at you.  Your soul must hunt after God like a starving animal.  Always look at the opposite of what the world is pushing and you will probably find the truth.

For most of you, this does not matter anyway.  You are so preoccupied with the world and your lives that you scarcely look beyond the next episode of your favorite TV show, playing a video game, sports, job, affairs (both kinds), activities, drug fix, you name it.  When the power goes off, where will you be then?  You see, there is an end to all those preoccupations.  Whether it is your own forthcoming end, or the chaos resultant from man and the Devil, those things will end.  Then, as a slap in the face, you will realize just how much time you wasted on nothing but pleasure, and just how long the next everlasting is.


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