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Another God Fade

Another God Fade This video is the first MMVM I made in the Death$Doorstep series using the anime Another.   It caused such a controversy that my adulterous wife convinced my daughter to file a restraining order on me.   The only reason I put my daughter’s name and some specifics about her birth in it was because the song, Questions In A World Of Blue by Julee Cruise, was made the same year as her birth.   What I believe was the upsetting part was that the video is rebuking adultery, and since my wife has been committing adultery (for sure) since 2015, she does not want to hear the truth about her condition. It is a disconcerting phenomenon to watch someone you trusted and made a lifelong commitment with turn into a liar and someone who covers their sins in falsehoods that they maintain to their friends.   Here is a truth that the rest of us know – your friends (and family) also know you are a liar and that you are committing a sin.   They are just obliging you to your


Death$Doorstep – Transmigration This is another MMVM I made in 2017.   The anime is Dog & Scissors and the song is Dog & Butterfly by Heart.   The manuscript contains a teaching supposedly given by Jesus on Transmigration some time during the years not accounted for in the Bible when He visited India.   My personal witness is that the teaching is true, but I also know how staunch a fundamentalist can be.   To them Jesus skipped from His 12 th year straight to His 30 th year and nothing else happened.   Christmas 1978 was a hard year for me as an 11-year-old because my dog (Trouble) was ran over by a car and Dog & Butterfly (from the same year) always reminded me of him because he liked to chase butterflies. Transcript: “Even as a father would act towards his children, so will God judge men after their deaths according to the laws of his mercy.   Never would He so humiliate His child as to transmigrate his soul, as in a purgatory, into the body of an ani


Tomato From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.   Joh 6:66. During Jesus’ ministry, many (not a few), but many would turn back and no longer follow the Lord because of His doctrine and example of holy life unto God.   Today, we see those who were ministers, praise and worship leaders, and so on who have changed their testimony and have decided that they are no longer “Christian.”   I tell you these people went back a long time ago, this time, they just went back further for the pleasures of the world and an open reunion with sin.   In a way I can respect their choice, the choice to no longer be religious hypocrites but full-fledged children of the Devil.   Many who still cling to the name “Christian” are living the kinds of lives these tares went back to while they make excuses to remain deceived.   Therefore, I applaud this new witness to no longer be whited sepulchres.   The kingdom of God has suffered more at the hands of false br