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Looking for India

Looking for India One night, I had a dream, iron upon iron – contact from the past.   I was not the lonely owner, if so but briefly.   The apparition of a twofold reward, and help when I fall.   It’s an idea, maybe a prophecy, and an awaited revelation if apprehended. After that, another, I had forgotten the first.   The melody was the same, but one with no name, just a title; an enlisted command.   The field’s assembly she aborted; her pride is damaged, as she ignores hundreds to slate me by nickname. And so, there is a pain to living, even in sleep.   Try as you might living in the world as the world, you will never slake desire as the world living in the world.   Craving is always out of control and consumes; playfully at the start, yet soon awry and you justify as the world. Arrival…could it be, I had never dreamed of one so perfect.   The reality did not compare to the visions of night.   I had given up on the possibility that virtue could exist; and it is true –