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Under the Law

Under the Law Click Here! For Under the Law Pt. 2:. Bibocious, Audio Transcript Preface: False religions.   False Christs.   If you're not part of a false religion, you, like me, probably have been at some point in your life.   There is something that deceives you more than false religions (you may say it is the reason people embrace false religions) and that is your flesh.   Most false religions pander to the flesh or try to conform your flesh to their belief system, i.e., through the flesh.             Most of my lessons have been learned the hard way, and the hardest lessons came at the hands of my flesh.   Flesh will deceive you, and not just in the obvious ways.   At times, it can seem so right; you may even think it's God but walking in the flesh is the quickest way to miss God. Recently, I allowed my flesh to deceive me again.   The situation seemed perfect, I thought it must be God.   However, this perfect situation had a common flaw, my f