Morally Legal Marriage

 A.            A Natural Marriage, which is a marriage between one man and one woman, is comparable to a Morally Legal Marriage (defined by God in the Holy Bible, Genesis 2:23-25).
                                                    i.     Natural Marriage has the moral good of opposite-sex couples united in one reality as it alone holds this inclusive realization of cohesion.
1.     This is God’s two in one flesh principle (Matthew 19:5-6, Mark 10:8, 1Corinthians 6:16, Ephesians 5:31).
                                                  ii.     Natural Marriage has the moral good of an opposite-sex couple’s reproductive family plan consisting of: unitive marital intercourse, procreation, establishing paternity, offspring development.
1.     Marriage CANNOT be understood apart from principle; not procreating for opposite-sex couples is only incidentally impossible, not impossible in principle.
2.     Procreation is a primary reason for marriage.  The uniting of the sexual organs creates the one flesh reality with purpose.
3.     If you are considering marriage for purposes that do not include procreation then you are considering a marriage that is unscriptural (Genesis 1:27-28).
                                                iii.     Natural Marriage has the moral good of an opposite-sex couple’s unbreakable nuptial bond of friendship defined as: the endowment of an intrinsic complimentary friendship and fidelity that is instinctive only between a man and a woman resultant from the unitive joining.
1.     Only a Morally Legal Marriage according to God has this friendship, as God’s intent was to create a “help meet” for man in woman (Genesis 2:18).
                                                iv.     Natural Marriage has the moral good of the opposite-sex couple’s self-perpetuation and replenishment of mankind universally, which in turn perpetuates nations and strengthens societies (the main reason why states bestow numerous benefits on marriage and protect it is because it is in their best interests).
                                                  v.     Natural Marriage has the moral good of an opposite-sex couple's conjugal love with the added benefit of the ability to create life from within (not an external addition) in order to also express mutual giving and caring that is innately benevolent, and accepts the sacrifices based on ideals that can withstand the demands of a permanent monogamous bond built on original worth and normality.
                                                vi.     Natural Marriage has the moral good of an opposite-sex couple’s ability to foster marital morality in a beneficial atmosphere geared toward the upbringing of children by inculcating the fundamental principles of marriage by example under conventional conditions with intuitive affection, as it alone contains the paterfamilias and materfamilias distinctively and inherently capable of providing the authentic illustration of marriage with institutional stability.
1.     The combination of the male and female not only completes and perfects the other by providing spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs, but that happiness and intimacy is intended to promote an environment favorable for bringing forth children, and raising them in a family setting.
2.     There is no greater task for a husband and wife in this world than procreating and raising children in a godly way.
3.     A marriage that fails voluntarily to do this is an unrighteous marriage.
4.     If you are a married or considering marrying, but for some other reason (career, school, money, etc.), and you have chosen not to allow the procreative process to function, then you are going against the purposes of God as it relates to marriage.
                                              vii.     Therefore, a Morally Legal Marriage (as defined by God) possesses the moral goods found only in opposite-sex couples.
  • God instituted the Morally Legal Marriage to seal one man and one woman in such a bond that their union would be of the uttermost profit to His plans and purposes for mankind and this world.
  • Marriage as established by God is meant to bring companionship and intimacy.  It is meant not only to procreate but to make us more like Christ.  We are to become more holy through it, not find ways to fulfill selfish pleasures.  Through this companionship one should learn to confront their weaknesses and become more spiritually disciplined, not find relief for carnal desires.
  • Marriage is to be a partnership that helps us grow in areas of benevolence, service, and honor; to learn to grow from understanding our faults, to learn how to forgive and be forgiven, and to lay aside our selfish ambitions and draw closer to God.  


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