Part five of this series on the Baptism with the Holy Ghost focuses on Chapter 12 of First Corinthians.  There is a difference between gifts of the Spirit and the gift of the Spirit Himself as manifested in those Baptized with the Holy Ghost by speaking in tongues.  Many deceived and liars try and claim that speaking in tongues is just one of the nine gifts of the Spirit mentioned in First Corinthians 12.  Divers kinds of tongues and interpretation of tongues are the gifts of the Spirit in First Corinthians 12.  All those in the Bible that had God’s Spirit come upon them displayed a verbal utterance which was the manifestation of the Spirit.  That truth is not popular with the Devil’s children, so they, and possibly you, would rather hold to doctrines of devils that deny the Baptism with the Holy Ghost with the same manifestation as the people in the Bible displayed.  There is nothing anyone (including God) can do about that.  God still Baptizes with His Spirit in the same manner today as He did in the Bible, and those who are Baptized with the Holy Ghost will speak in tongues.  If this has not been your experience, then you have not been Baptized with the Holy Ghost.


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