Trinity is a word not found in Scripture. It is a concept of God (revealed in Scripture) that tells us of the co-existence of God within three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, yet He is One God.

Each member of the Trinity is Equal in Nature, Distinct in Person, and Subordinate in Duties.

The Father is the source of Authority, the Son is the Channel of Authority, and the Holy Ghost is the Agent of Authority (Joh 8:18, Joh 14:25-28).

God’s Tri-unity of purpose is responsible for the creation of all that is, to include man (Gen 1:1, 1:26).
  1. The Six Day Creation is true and estimated to be approximately 6,000 years ago.  Science has never once proven beyond “theory” that this biblical fact is incorrect.
  2. Science has also failed to disprove the geocentric plane nature of the earth (1Ch 16:30, Psa 93:1, Psa 104:5); therefore, the heliocentric ball model offered by science, without proof and wholly the product of theory for the express purpose of deception in order to conceal the truth of God from mankind, is summarily rejected. 
  3. The Enclosed Earth Model depicted in Scripture is the correct representation of our world, and the Earth was created by the Tri-unity of God (Eph 3:9).

Man did not evolve from lower life forms. The Holy Bible attributes the origin of Man to an act of direct creation by the Tri-unity of God, “So God created man in His own image…” (Gen 1:27, Gen 2:7).
  1. Man exists by special creation, the production or effectuation of new being with a soul, rare, and wonderful (Psa 139:14).
  2. Man also exists as a trichotomy – (three parts) body, soul, and spirit. The combination of a body of dust and the breath of God (spirit) resulted in a third part, the soul.
The Triune Nature of God is revealed in both the Old Testament and New Testament, but it is only clear in light of the New Testament revelation of Christ.

In the Old Testament there are plural names and plural pronouns in reference to God (Gen 1:26, Gen 3:22, Gen 11:7, Pro 30:4, Isa 6:8, Isa 48:16, Isa 63:9-10, Psa 2:1-9, Psa 110:1-5).

In the New Testament, especially after the resurrection of Jesus and decent of the Holy Ghost, the doctrine of the Trinity was crystal clear to the church (Mat 3:16-17, Joh 14, Mat 28:19, 2Co 13:14, Eph 2:19-22).


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