Heaven & Earth Short MMVM

When you understand the composition of the heavens and the earth as described in the Bible, you realize that indeed, there is a Divine Creator.  The angels themselves are powerful, one in the Bible killed 185,000 men in one night (2Ki 19:35).  Yet, even the evil angels are only permitted to tempt us while our fellow man lies and kills us in order to hide and control God’s creation…and you.

The false ball earth theory:
  • Hides God
  • Presents an earth that is unscriptural
  • Is actually unscientific
  • Denies God as Creator
  • Allows Satan’s deceptions to prosper
  • Is the foundation of many false theories: Atheism, Evolution, Big Bang, Dinosaurs, Aliens, etc.
  • Allows the Establishment’s deceptions to prosper
  • Provides satanic world control
Where in a false ball earth theory do you find these things described in the Bible:
  • The solid firmament overhead
  • The foundations of the firmament
  • Outer space
  • Other domains besides heaven and earth (man’s dominion consist only over the fish of the sea, fowl of the air, and every living thing that moveth upon the earth.  To talk of other planets or space is unscriptural)
  • A stationary earth that does not move and only the heavenly bodies move (why did Joshua only command the sun and the moon to stand still)
  • The existence of other planets (outside of the wandering stars worshipped by Baal followers).  Funny thing, they burned incense in high places as part of their idolatrous worship
  • The circle of the earth (the habitable area within the ice wall of the gathered waters beyond the effectual heat of the sun’s circuit above the earth)
  • The ends of the earth (a ball has no ends, well, maybe a football – spin that)
  • The foundations of the earth (which were laid and fastened to include a corner stone)
  • The inability to discover the size of the heavens and the foundations of the earth
  • Daniel’s tree that when it appears can be seen to the end of all the earth
  • How stars can fall to the earth when they are supposedly bigger (maybe they are not what you have been told, buy a telemascope and watch the translucent lights in water)
  • The corners of the earth (a ball has no corners)
  • The bottomless pit that is on earth (you can’t really dig your way to China)


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