And you can’t, it is impossible, justification doesn’t work between men, between women, between a man and a woman, husband and wife, brother and sister, sister and sister, brother and brother, and all other.  Blind as you are you try, you blame, you look away; to others, it’s his fault, her fault, their fault.  Me and you?  You are ineffective, how can you presume, to see?

Evil is not manageable.  For your sins, solace, does not exist.  You are where you shouldn’t be; He sees, but can’t help.  And so silence, until the Light; and you’ll see too, too late.  How does it work?  It doesn’t, He chuckles; you presume, to see.

It is the other, the One, the Perfect.  If not, it can’t work; the reason – the Bright.  Your father tried, he failed; to hell, with him, with you.  Your presumption is his, and yours; blind as you are, to him, to you.  This defense is flawed, it stalls, it screens, and the obscene cannot perceive.

Excuse will not be allowed even if the other, is the same, as you; it can’t, both are hollow.  Shift guilt and you will find, the wrath, the dark path, you’re on it now.  If the Accuser is cast down, what of you?  You’re misinformed, by your god, by the world, by their sorry.  And so death, is not the rest, you’ll receive.

Is it fair to tell you?  The unseeing moron who sees, not; you can’t, it hurts, to hear, to look.  That is why you watch, the other, like your father, to indict.  It won’t be permitted; it can’t, even if the other, goes further, than you.

Therefore, there is no good reason for explanation.  It can’t work between fathers, between mothers, between fathers and mothers, father and daughter, mother and son, none.  If you try you lie, to yourself, by condemning others, you reveal, a wicked heart, straining to save self, above else, and you can’t.


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