Why Pt. 03 – Short MMVM

Ever wonder why those invented astronauts give us a performance with their hair flipped upside down or just bird nesting everywhere?  There is no professional service that allows women to wear their hair that way.  With NASA its all part of the show for their actors to play make believe for you.  Its just sticking up like it was glued, it does not even flow properly.

If they were truly in such a cramped environment with limited facilities, the last thing I would want is your unkept hair shedding onto everything.  Its just not feasible unless you are doing it as a deception.  How do you know they are in a weightless environment, can’t you see her mop that gets caught in the hatches every time she goes through it?

It is ridiculous, ridiculous that you believe their lies.  There is no such thing as space, and there is no space station floating in a weightless environment.  You are being deceived into their false religion and worship of the heavenly bodies.  Space is their high place that you cannot go to, and over which they reign as priests.  To believe their lies, is to worship the liars, and their prince.


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