I made the video below during Christmas of 2017.  At that time, I was still involved in a hobby I use to have of making anime music mashups.  I have decided to resurrect this video because it depicts the adultery transgression committed by my wife, her unwillingness to repent, and my duplicitous struggle in the flesh and in the spirit to deal with it. 

In my heart, I have no ill will toward anyone (including her) for what happened because I know that God allowed it to bring me into a deeper spiritual walk with Him.  I repented and asked forgiveness of the parties involved when this occurred.  I have nothing to repent of and it is my hope that the parties who were involved would someday repent themselves.  However, the lure of the desires of the flesh rules them, and until they overcome that it is doubtful that they will overcome their “pride of life” in order to see and admit their transgressions.



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