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This article is a warning.  Recently, I have been posting on a website called Christian Forums.  There are many other websites that are similar that accommodate thread or chat room style environments to discuss, share, or even debate Christian topics.  I have done this from time to time since the mid-90s on various sites.  You almost always encounter atheist and agnostics on these sites, and it does not bother me because they can be helpful in challenging you or pointing out holes in your belief system.  My latest encounters left me puzzled and heavy because my faith and beliefs were directly assaulted by the forum’s supporting members who appeared to be receiving benefits from the platform, but their sole purpose was to tear down faith.


I feel I held firm to my faith, at least to the point the two so-called Christians attacking everyone in the thread simultaneously decided not to respond to me anymore.  They did not just stop communicating with me, but quit in a sarcastic way to make me look like I was an idiot who could not provide them with proofs they were asking for.  The problem with their requests were that you cannot prove matters of faith.  Not just anyone can prove they know God on the internet.  It is not like you can provide your life’s witness or lay virtual hands on people and perform miracles on the web, I mean it is possible, but not through doubt.  So, I flipped the script on them and began asking them to prove what they were demanding of everyone else, proof of faith since they claimed to be Christian.  When they realized what was occurring, they left me alone.  The funny thing was they kept using their same tactics against the others as if they had not even been talking to me to begin with.


You have to be very careful on the internet.  The deceptions of the world and the Devil are profuse.  I do not know if the two in this thread were different people, or the same person using two forum identities.  What I do know is that even though their profile information said they were Christians, they definitely were not of God.  They also employed means of attack designed to cast doubt and destroy the faith of others.  The usual tactics were used where smart alecks employ short, curt, and insulting responses in a manner where they are talking down to others to demean them.  They would also intentionally provoke and mock others to aggravate the conversations.  These deceivers had also developed an arsenal of attack methods.  A believer had shared that his wife was recently miraculously cured by God of cancer.  He was immediately attacked by the frauds, and they demanded that he provide hospital records and documentation for their verification.  To my surprise, this person agreed to send proof to the one identified as “forum supporting member” in a private message because it contained personal identifiable information.  The true colors of the wolf was then revealed as he demanded that the man publish it for everyone.


This serpent was not interested in building up faith through testimony of God’s power, but tearing it down.  This fraud’s whole point was to destroy those who were genuine.  The deceiver knew most people would not willingly dox themselves on the internet, which meant they would not post their proof for the public.  The man with faith kept trying to send him the information in private, but the deceiver refused to receive it, and said, if you cannot provide it for everyone then it was not true.  Both the deceivers were practiced, they rarely used the Bible and opted for secular history and worldly knowledge as their defenses.  In short, they were of the Devil, and there to serve his purposes in spreading lies and sowing doubt.  Not even atheist or agnostics I have encountered were as effective as these two in service to Satan's kingdom.   


These two wolves in sheep’s clothing did not join the topic until it had reached the top of the list on trending topics.  My guess is that whoever owns the platform employs them in this forum for that purpose.  Additionally, they use underhanded methods in their posts.  For instance, they would post a response and you would reply to it.  Then later, they will go back to their original postings and edit them and add different or more information.  This made it look like you could not respond to all their demands or claims, or your response did not actually address what they were asking.  If new people join the conversation and begin reading to catch up, it makes the deceivers appear more knowledgeable and the true believers look like idiots.


If a person is an atheist or agnostic, it is easier to dismiss their tactics, and even understand them; but to masquerade as ministers of light is one of Satan’s most devious ploys.  Be warned, the deceivers are not just spreading false doctrines and lies on mainstream media, they have infiltrated communities down to the roots.  Wolves in sheep’s clothing do exist, and the internet allows them the best means of concealment among the flock.  The internet site Christian Forums is a hive of deceit.  To share your faith there is equivalent to walking alone into a gangland of criminals in any big city.  You will fair much better in the gangland than on Christian Forums.  You will not be edified in the least, in fact, it may take you a few days to shake the trauma.  This website is anything but Christian, and you will know what it feels like to have the Devil attack you directly through others.




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