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Kiss of Death The manuscript in the first video above is from 2 Samuel 11:2-27, with some other verses from the Bible as well.   I also made an additional video that has no manuscript which is included below.   There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.   Pro 14:12 . The knowledge of good and evil, and why most choose the evil, is a sin I too have been guilty of in times past.   I believe the soul that truly loves and belongs to God understands this conflict better than those who have decided that they are going to live for themselves and the pleasures of the flesh. How do you reach them, the ones who allow themselves to be taken captive by the things that are contrary to God's word, while convincing themselves that they are right?   Why does God choose to become intimate with some and provide an overwhelming desire in them to preserve their integrity against the evil that is being committed against them, while they s


CAPTION General warning to people choosing interpretations of Scripture in regards to their sins.   Be careful of interpretations of Scripture that have opposing viewpoints where you are choosing a biased belief  that allows you to sin verses obedience by faith to God’s word.   A fool disregards the FACT that there are two interpretations and chooses the selfish one.   The wise see the two, and chooses the righteous one out of fear and love of God above self.   That the fool has chosen the unrighteous path is proof by example that he does not love God, which is the first and great commandment.   Selflessness (Benevolent Love) – is the whole of the Law, and the Law is whole. ARTICLE VIII – SALVATION The keeping of the commandments never brought Salvation, the gift of Salvation made it possible to keep the commandments.  You will not find in the Bible even the opportunity to be saved by keeping the commandments, but the opportunity to be saved to keep God’s word.  That is f