EXODUS 20:14 Thou shalt not commit adultery. 

Thou shalt not commit adultery.
Of course you must commit adultery
In order to remarry and live in adultery
We accept divorce on grounds of adultery
They were unfaithful, committing adultery
And can marry again, committing adultery
Adulterers understand the circular logic of adultery
Hey killer – Thou shalt not, kill? (James 2:11).
APRIL FOOLS (Death$Doorstep)

Forgotten facts not unjustifiable fiction,
Always governs the ultimate decision.
Pardon from the heart those causing you hurt:
And for their unrepentance be not disconcert.
Or, you too will have something to regret.
Because we are all at Death$Doorstep.

Flesh…Blood…Breath…Death Expected.
1st CONSECUTION (Hold Me Now)


With each tear shed, a slight consolation – so you before me, feel the hurt of cessation; yet, like the rainbow’s hope, faith seeks joy’s awaited expectation.

The Giver

Who will maintain my flowers,
Who will bewail my day?
In years to come,
When I am done,
May see only the gardener’s way.
Knees to elbows
Face down to ground
If seeking the Lord
That’s where He’s found

2nd CONSECUTION (Breakout)

“Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?”  Psalm 56:8.


I hope you got them all, for there were many.  The hardest thing to endure, are their memories.

The Giver

I am the worst, and best, of the flesh that breathes
The worst always lingers, while the best often leaves
Try as I might, I haven’t the strength for the best
I am the worst, because the best shines less and less
This tedium of existence, the next phase indistinct
Each day sees the worst, the next day repeats
Meet its dawn with some hope, yet ambition beware
Struggle to gather its demands, and find anxiety there
It’s clear the worst must leave, so the best can remain
Of this desire alone, our vision need maintain
For now it seems a dream, but linger and you’ll see
The Tear Collector’s gift, will wash you clean

Bury me on a bed of Belladonna Lilies (please), she poisons with deceit.  She fades now reprobate, but fared I when she bloomed pink.

I have never wanted anything for Christmas but to see the joy in others 
You don’t want anything until nothing is what you have 
Where’s the delight if not giving to grandkids, daughters, and Mothers 
It is a holiday without family and that is sad 
I am expecting one gift, from my daughter, via the JP 
And maybe one more…I’ll remember this Christmas, 2017

Let self die at Death$Doorstep.  Born again unto love, not war; for who can endure the world’s hypocrisy of either anymore?  For there is no rescue or reality in matters earthly; though this world was made for mercy.  So, I’ve become an island of combat in the dragon’s sea; just above, just below – that’s me.  I have run out of friends, family, and time.  Death$Doorstep alone not, I will honestly find.

True White

In Defense of…

Walking in the flesh leads us into temptations.  Sin comes when we give in.  These sins (ALL KINDS) can affect a marriage.  Especially if one, or both, are not walking in the Spirit.

Sin can be repented of (STOPPED), but things that happened, still happened.  A true heart for God abhors sin, struggles with temptation, but fails from time to time.

This is particularly true if the other is spiritually inept and unsupportive.  That allows only the carnal relationship to feed as the spirit suffocates in sin.  The true heart for God may fall into temptations and some sins, but they never satisfy.

Maybe what they were really missing all along was a Virtuous Woman.  If one should trespass in the marriage, they are joined; it is a problem for both.  They may still see the other as virtuous, as they share in their faults.

There is nothing wrong with having a biblical ideal for a woman.  This is especially true if you have never seen an ideal woman to begin with.  My ideal is illusory, but held over transgressions.  There is hope.

Before infidelity, I saw a Virtuous Woman, because fidelity of institution made all things possible.  Now I am back to an impossible ideal, and no institution to pursue it.

Having an affair then divorcing and remarrying, or divorcing and living as a tramp are transgressions.  For the transgression of adultery carries a pride the world supports, because it destroys.  So blaming sin on sin when you commit both leaves you:

“Having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls: an heart they have exercised with covetous practices; cursed children:” 2Pe 2:14.

Unconditional love cannot die and makes either virtuous.  Your sinful pleasure is at my moral expense as I choose to believe God and stay single.  The love of the world will bring you death as it is all about a me, me, me (and him won’t stay).  I’m not sorry (for connotation or English).

My ideal is high, and I do have temptations arising from my promiscuous youth.  We are one flesh, but the “residue of the spirit” is virtually dead.

So it does not matter how high the ideal, if one finds it in another, despite THEIR FAULTS TOO.

Time…I Can’t Go Back There!
 Everyone’s singing your song, and dancing your dance.
You should repent while there’s still a chance.
As time marches, “a certain fearful looking” mounts.
It’s judgement ahead, Salvation counts.

A ship has never sailed so far it did not return.  Man may part certificates of trust, but bonds of blood endure past dust.
REPENT (Death$Doorstep)

The world has blinded you to a secret!
We are all at Death$Doorstep.
What sins you have, Repent!
You are not alone at final judgement.
Remember those you have wronged?
Ask forgiveness, their witness is strong.

Unbelievable falsification and government manipulation, 911 a false flag, concocted for war.  They sacrifice the poor, as the rich get richer; gain and conspiracy, time reveals treachery.  As patriotism wanes, the truth is – there were no planes.  The government dishonored US, 911 lie to the sheeple; again I’ll never trust, politicians and TV people.  True honor is rarely found.

Good times may not always be GOD times, most of the time rarely so; but in our mind, they are good times, of memories none the less. In the times ahead, if wiser we tread, it will be the GOD times we remember best. 


Two nights and one day
I never cried harder I truly say
Emily came and brightened my life
Yet, her leaving cut harder than a knife
My heart was broken and torn in two
I never even got a decent hug from you
Please be safe and may God keep with certainty
And my prayer will be to see you in eternity.

The Giver 
 BLAME (Collective Soul)

"You pushed me down
For all the world to see
I guess that's your price
For my loyalty
So while you're tasting sin
And swallowing pain
Don't look at me
To take your blame

When you're willing to render
To the guilt you concede
When truth is your reason
Then lay that blame on me
When you unveil a conscience
And with peace you agree
When love is your constant
Then lay that blame on me

You lay me out
In hopes that I'd wilt away
But strength rained down
And love provided shade
So while the pageant of lies
Still glow from your tongue
Don't blame me for
Your Kingdom Come

Question your answers
Truth has no anger
Gather up your words
Redemption now offered"

Family Destroyer
His Apple of Sin 
Man’s Fig Leaf
Of Putting Away
And Satan’s Grin

I have two friends
They won’t talk

That is okay
Means they can’t say anything

They too can be seen
I’m in my dreams

‘Twas seen by the mean
They’ve shame for everything

Trust not to others
Quiet, weve fact

Figure virtue she is held
Pet passion, who’s nothing

They two are dear
They’d be your dear$ too

Need not assess to quickly
Somebody’s a someone’s something?

We are the 2K’s? Eight Inch View!

No one to hold, how cold; death becomes the salvation most seek.  In a heart put away, the way becomes dark; my Lord, the world is bleak.  Nobody can be nobody when somebody is sought.  I’ll carry you for I endure hardships fought.  We’re the ones that exist, He won’t let us die.  Everlasting is our dear; it is there we fly.

No ears to touch, no feet to tickle
It’s off to war for Nick-el pickle
Not in a duffle things he misses
You can’t pack up hugs and kisses
Stuffed inside his own rucksack
You’ll not find one back scratch
No snorkeling in many waters
Wanting a beach near his daughters
Alone with fools smarter than he
For it’s his family that he needs

There are those not of this world that instinctively know they don’t belong.  They have soft hearts of flesh and not stone.  They press, yearn, hope, and watch the rest grope to fit in.  Meanwhile, they secretly long to fly on clouds with the wind.  So have your world, and we few who choose; will embrace eternity where true love subdues.  For we are the dreamers, the seers, the privilege has been yours.  We fly to the sky, beyond rainbows, a place wonderful and pure.  Through faith we have discovered a truth you forever deny; Death$Doorstep is not feared, but a passage hard to find.  Goodbye, farewell, so long, to the world you hold dear; true liberty is ours, and the rest…God’s judgment is near.

Within Wicked Women Worsen
With Willful Worldly Worship
Where Wayward Wives Wreck
What Wholesome Workers Wrought
Why Witness Worthless Wretches
While Watching Wounds Widen
When Whispers Wisdom’s Warning
Wait Whoredom’s Wrongful Wages

Your daddy didn’t close his eyes, nor your momma cinch her blouse
At others, the Lord says it’s sin to look
And the church; unless it’s your second, third, fourth, or more spouse ______________________________________________
I am the passing shadow, I am the withered grass, I am the breath, the tale that is told; and as the flower fades and I depart, let me too say, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished  my course, I have kept the faith:”  2Ti 4:7. ______________________________________________
I was bamboozled for a time, and willing to accept deceptions for order and inclusion.  I am now wakened to truth (in vast matters), and therefore, lies, no matter the size, repulse my spirit.

With my wakening, the actuality exists that the many are still captive to the god of this world; and the “compelled” crypt of their conscience is still blind to bamboozle.  To them I am a fool, or one to be marginalized while they believe I cannot see their deeds which they weary themselves to commit.  

I see your deeds, and they are most wicked in spite of your self-justification and blindness although using them.  The systems you protect are corrupt which makes you part of the whole lump.  Wake up!

Some say God does not have a sense of humor.  You will soon find this to be error, for He laughs twice.  He will laugh at the trial of the innocent; and He will also laugh at your calamity.

Mock and ridicule me for not accepting your bamboozle any longer.  I am wakened, and shall remain so in everlasting while you succumb, like the deceptions you hold, to the torment of the nothing they represent.  You are going to die…soon!

The voice said, Cry. And he said, What shall I cry? All flesh is grass, and all the goodliness thereof is as the flower of the field: The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: because the spirit of the LORD bloweth upon it: surely the people is grass. The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.

He gives and He takes away
He gives and He takes away

I give and I fade away
I give and I fade away

He dies He saved
He dies He saved

I die I’m saved
I die I’m saved 

The vermillion line… is so thin

Earthly dreams… I can’t win


Cruelty was… her only name

Gross indulgence… her pet game


Always influenced by others

To trade her love to another


But that is not…what love is for


So now your love is a commodity

Approved for traffic by hypocrisy


And as the years go by

I grow evermore wise

And now I understand


Treat it like money as she dare too

There’s no virtue… in that revenue


When you gamble lies

Sold from your own eyes

Soon you will understand


Go on

Get space

You did it your way

Now your disgraced

Your living the lie that you wanted

Failing to see… that you wanted


Earning love…it’s not the same


-        (Repose)


In a panic sometimes I’d freeze up

In the end truth came from your breakup


I was a kid… with many thoughts

Tragedy found… what can’t be bought


I used to cry for help – now for the lack thereof


Go on

Get space

Gained by slurs

You used…

To save face


Your living the lie that you wanted

Failing to see… that you wanted


Go on

Get space

You did it your way

Now your disgraced

Your living the lie that you wanted

Failing to see that you wanted


Selling love…it’s so your game


-        (Repose)


When you’ve watched the real become fake

You know honesty… is by heaven’s sake

In this war of angels we’re betrayed by flesh

The lust, pride, and world you love I do detest


You may reach… your worldly pinnacle

As you grow even more… cynical

And it only cost…

Your dirty soul you lost




Go on

Get space

Gained by slurs

You used to save face


Your living the lie that you wanted

Failing to see that you wanted


Go on

Get space

You did it your way

Now your disgraced

Your living the lie that you wanted

Failing to see that you wanted


Trading love…it’s not the same


-        (Repose)


Now your dynamic epilogue

You can’t steal from me… at all


My love…is not a game


Go on

Get space


You wanted to play the game

When you sell your love

Your rewards the same


Selling love…is a harlot’s game

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