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Release the Day of Malice

  Release the Day of Malice           At the rising and setting of every sun, why tell me the Adulteress lies to anyone?  Why tell me the Adulteress is dirty, sins, and dies; why constantly tell me of her lies?  Is the memory of the Adulteress’s treachery not enough, I know God would not torment me with such stuff?  What purpose is there in His steady uttering, a forecast filled with the Adulteress’s putridity?  If He forgets our sins why does He repetitively remind, of the Adulteress’s guile with which she continues to malign?           There is no gladness in the Adulteress’s called De m ise, there is some joy that God does see her lies.  It is not a delight in the Adulteress’s fall, but that His uprightness wins out overall.  In spite of what you or the Adulteress think, it is His glory, justice, and righteousness I seek.  It is His judgement upon the Adulteress’s lies, He keeps telling me repeatedly that through them she hides.  He laughs at your disaster and my trial of innocence,


  THE ESTABLISHMENT WAR I have always found it curious that Satan would fight a war that he knows he is going to lose.   There must be some sort of a victory he believes he can achieve.   I shared previously that Satan is not at war with God but with creation.   I should have been more specific, but I was not addressing that topic at the time.   It is more accurate to say Satan is at war over creation, as in, who can control creation.   Satan is not at war with God because God created everything, including Satan.   God cannot die and there is no power that can intern Him.   God has proven that He can destroy the world if He so chooses, or select territories (Gen 6:17, Gen 19:24).   The Bible also shows that the angels can be interned if God judges it to be necessary (2Pe 2:4, Jud 1:6, Rev 20:14).   The Bible also gives us this information:   Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were creat