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ELECTION? SELECTION! In 2018 I unregistered to vote.   Voter registration is one so-called, “benefit or privilege,” the government uses to subject you to their jurisdiction as a “citizen” of the United States.   Prior to the 14 th Amendment, “people” were not considered citizens of the United States.   The United States is a “Nation,” not a State, and if you do not know the difference, you should educate yourself.   In the original Republic, people were people of their respective State.   A State has territory whereas a Nation is just a group of citizens sharing commonalities without territory.   A State is the only legal and sovereign entity where people can live.   The fundamental intent behind the Nation was to administrate and coordinate between the States that had united.   Additionally, as “We the People,” you had unalienable rights (granted by God) but as citizens you are granted civil rights, benefits, and privileges by the government (your idol).   Before you were free and o