I Want The World To Know

Twila Paris is “the” only wholesome 80s girl you will find.  She is my all-time favorite Christian artist from a time when that actually meant something.  Her music is anointed, and not the mere production garbage you hear today from so-called Christian artists mimicking pop music.  During the 80s, pop was mimicking her, she owned that decade from start to finish.

Although I Want The World To Know is 20 years younger than what I consider her greatest hits, it has the moving narrative that has been special in all her music.  She started a website some years back, I remember seeing it and at first it looked like an attempt to consolidate, track, and profit from her songs.  It seemed worldly in a way, like the gathering of her song treasures.  I even had copyright run ins from whatever they were trying to do when I used her songs.  My guess is she realized this and totally changed it into a music ministry effort now – kudos, “freely ye have received, freely give.

I really do not know her personally and maybe that is best.  I have only ever known one woman that displayed a witness that gave me no doubts to her allegiance heart, soul, mind, and strength to God, and that was my grandmother.  Twila Paris is a distant second, and after that, there are none.


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