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The Bible never debates God’s existence, His existence is proved by what He created – to include you.  You were not born of your own will, you cannot keep yourself alive by your will, and you will most certainly die against your will.  There is a Creator, and if you can overcome your selfish desires, the fake world, and the Devil’s lies and temptations, you may just, “find him, though he be not far from every one of us.”

The Bible describes a creation that is very different from the lies you have been brainwashed with.  Embracing these lies could lead you to the destination of all liars.  The afflictions that are coming upon the earth are not a surprise, God has already told us these things were going to happen.  What He has created belongs to Him, He will take it back from the murderers, thieves, and liars squatting in His creation.  He created you as well; one way or the other, you will bring Him glory.  Maybe as faithful servant, or as a condemned sinner – great grace grants you one, His great justice will bring you the other.  Either way, God will be honored as Creator by your testimony forever.


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