Pantheon – Retinue of Simplicity

Pantheon – Retinue of Simplicity

         Too good to be wicked and too wicked to be good, the reason suffering is required.  Without it, patience cannot be perfect.  Your bruising and grief are acceptable to Him in hope.  Not for faults, though faults will correct; but virtue, for He suffered this.

         We are fools, we are weak, we are despised as filth.  The world knows not the path, neither the way.  This domain offers satisfaction of the sensuous through the lens of desire.  Craving is universal.

         The sin eater has a flavor for the forbidden.  It persuades his palate deceivingly.  He can’t help it; he loves the way it feels on his tongue and tastes in his mouth.  The banquet of iniquity is more than a vice; it is the liar’s way of life.

         There are those who have tasted the good.  Although, at times they foolishly eat evil and enjoy its feel on the flesh; afterwards they grieve and long to vomit and crucify the body anew.  The belly is a god.  Feed it evil and watch it grow fat and foul.  Feed it good and evil, and watch the deception.

         If you consume only good only good can come forth; mix good with evil, and you will become deluded.  Up and down, to and fro, I have seen the spots in this feast.  There is no profit to any business of man.  Go to, look, what yield is there in anything you do above your belly or the bellies of others?

         So, my heart and my life stopped.  It doesn’t hurt anymore, no more pain, no more loneliness.  A cavalry charge to the unseen dawn, can be betrayed by carnality.  Flash time of the tortured soul, the love of good drowned by evil. 

         Therefore, suffering is best; it is a herald to the Great One as I wait for that moment.  All else is a one-way street to nowhere, its paving of pleasure feed death.  Embrace the trouble with joy, for the fading of flesh and exterior beauty is sure.  Inflict woe unto my feet; dark and light, evil and good, as I choose the Holy and progress on this path.  For eternal anathema is the reward of indulgence and prodigality.


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