Machiavellian Sophomore

Machiavellian Sophomore

Lingering in the strait, albeit hardly a difficult choice given the grand mutiny.  Through the fade you find vigilance, although despair is there (waiting for the twinkling) – it can be overcome.  The seeing blind cannot comprehend (worse are they than all others); therefore, they care not but to discover their own way. 

            I have discerned an ache that cannot be satisfied with the iniquity you love.  For, there are only two choices, what simplicity in the strait.  If you see more, then you have chosen the direction of the broad darkness.  I weep for you; yet, my tears wash not away your loss of sight.  How shall He do for you?

            The reality of death is masked by him who holds its power through choice, the broad not the strait.  Look at yours, and look at the opposite; He is not foolish as you to overlook?  No, even though you justify the selection with selfish inspiration fallaciously thinking, “He is like you.”

            Now I know; the awareness of the few who stare at the blind’s taking and great faking to make their venal pick what it cannot be.  Your choice will never be as virtuous as the one you denied, and because of that, you cannot see how wrong your choice is; the mystery of iniquity in the way, why can you not feel the ache.

            There is no validation for a selection that opposes a righteous one…blind fool.  Did it ever occur to you to question why the commandments are of an earthly nature?  If you esteemed them lightly through violation, you will not fair in the heavenly?  So be it, His election is true and the few that find it, through watering eyes gaze at the impaired in awe of their blindness.

            How great is that darkness.  Excusing your selection of the lesser never worked, and never will.  That is not what His sacrifice is for, and that you believe it is, shows your treachery.  And so, I understood; those that make the evil choice and those that tell them it is alright to do so, are of the same heritage. 

The deceived may be near, the deceiver far, but they are easily seen through the teary haze of this warning – if the choice you make is opposed by an upright selection, you have not made a strait pick, but an antagonistic one.  You will never find an example where one did this and prospered, and to continue to believe you can, only reveals your love of lies.

You can never defend the unholy, never.  That is as simple as it gets, but you still try.  And so, we cry, for you; not for the pleasures you enjoy or for the riches you gain by your choice, but for the soul you forfeit in pursuit of that which matters not.  You should fear, not only for your own forsaking of the strait, but for those you influence to do the same.  Moreover, He allows you to linger; what mercy, what grace, you will not be able to answer a thing against these.  Judgment is near as the lies of men languish.


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