I am from a land of good ol’ boys, and to a large degree, was raised by good ol’ boys, have next of kin that are good ol’ boys, went to school with good ol’ boys, lived amid the amity of good ol’ boys for a long time…dang, I miss the good ol’ boy days.  I do not miss everything, but friendship among good ol’ boys is distinctive.  It is hard to escape the essence of what a good ol’ boy is, but what it is not is racist, intolerant, white, southern, or whatever false media has been created that stereo types people to cause division in order to sow discord.  From my youth I can remember black friends I grew up with that I would consider good ol’ boys.  Because certain jargons are deemed pejoratives, the term good ol’ boy can be offensive to some.  Whether it was true bigots or racist, the evil in control of the world who commandeered the name, or the fall of wannabe good ol’ boys who chose the wrong path; the true good ol’ boy spirit is loved by those who socialize amidst it despite the negative connotations the world has attached to the phrase.

Evil always reverses what is good, so it can be used for wicked deeds.  Of course media is going to do this, because media is ultimately controlled by Satan.  Media will pit races of people and subgroupings against each other as much as possible to cause division.  They will control, produce, and edit information (dictionaries, encyclopedias, webpages, videos, TV shows, etc.) if it allows them to divide and conquer.  What makes the good ol’ boy spirit susceptible to deception is the trust, friendship, care, and giving it provides to others.  From the bottom up, the “woke,” but slumbered world has been deceived by the Devil to create conflict between themselves.  It is a very clever tactic that first shames individuals, and then moves upward hijacking subgroups, to races, to nations, until eventually we are all fighting against each other based on superficial reasons.  Once this mentality is planted it can easily be thrust into action at any time by the powers of darkness to create chaos.  You’re doing the Devil’s work for him.

In my opinion, the 12 disciples (except for Judas) were good ol’ boys.  Judas was a wannabe.  The disciples were believers in God, but they were not religious; that is to say, they were not like the world’s counterfeit Christians, which are nothing more than another conflict grouping that hates those of other conflict groups.  By the way, I am using the term Christian broadly.  Today, the broad way of the world has divided Christians into numerous hateful subgroupings with their own names like Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, you get the idea.  Interestingly, these Christian subgroups still claim the unified beginning of the 12 disciples, until the deception or sin they love enters the picture and divides them from the flock, even if they are ignorant of the fact. 

Being a good ol’ boy was a springboard you see, because after learning the straight path, the disciples were no longer good ol’ boys – they eventually became sons of God.  The good ol’ boy diving board can launch you into many waters, but few dive into, the living waters.  There are many good ol’ boys (or good people), jumping into the pool of the world’s religions (or the world’s distractions), and playing for devils sunbathing on the side; but a good ol’ boy swimming in a stagnant pond will drown in hell.  Everybody loves a good ol’ boy, even the Devil’s children, which is why they make it a point to deceive as many of them as they can.  I know many good people who are obedient (mostly) to obeying God’s commandments, but the righteousness that comes by law is not the righteousness of faith.  I have seen my share of good ol’ boy preachers preach dead good ol’ boys into heaven when in fact they both were lost.  Meanwhile, the same dead good ol’ boy’s family would swear he was – a good ol’ boy, and there is no way God would not allow him into heaven.

The fact is, God does not have a choice in the matter on whether you are saved or not, because God has done everything He can to provide YOU the means to accept the righteousness that comes by faith in Christ.  If you choose to continue to live in sin, you condemn yourself.  Most nominal Christians willfully sin but believe they will be saved because of their mental ascent to the truth of Christ’s sacrifice.  They call this faith, but it is the faith of devils (Jas 2:19-20).  You must become obedient unto the righteousness which is by faith in Christ, and cease serving sin, or you will be condemned.  Porn is a good example, I have struggled in the past with this sin, especially when I was deployed in the Army.  It is hard to define what is exactly porn but not what is unrighteous.  I have had women come into places where I have worked dressed provocatively and found it arousing in a lustful way.  You can watch TV and experience the same, but is that technically porn?  Righteousness would cause you to guard your heart against actions that would allow your eyes and flesh to sin through unrighteous acts; even vicariously acting out your lewd fantasies through others.  There is no commandment that specifically says, do not look at provocative pictures.  Many modern distractions are not listed as sin in the Bible, but they are still unrighteous.

Sin is loved so much, that even if it is listed in the Bible, Christians will find a way to enjoy the pleasures of sin by twisting scripture to allow for their lusts.  I know I use this example a lot, but I have a great deal of experience with divorce remarriage adultery.  Adulterers also provide the best example of deceived Christians who are not dead in the flesh to the law while trying to be married to Christ.  Romans chapter seven tells us that our flesh must be dead to the law in order to be married to Christ.  The law cannot die, it can only be fulfilled.  Your flesh cannot be dead to the law if you are violating the law, and the commandment says if a woman is married to another man while her first husband is alive, she is an adulteress.  The Bible is clear that the law is not made for the righteous but for the unrighteous (1Tim 1:9).  The law was made for sinners and Christ came to deliver us from the law, because the law only knows sin and death.  Most false Christians try and appropriate the truth of being dead to the law in concept by ascent, i.e., if you merely accept as true Christ’s sacrifice you are automatically dead to the law, even though you continue to violate the law.  This is a lie.  I have other blog pages that discuss this in greater detail.

I also want to be clear on what marriage of flesh is because of my adulteress wife and fornicators.  God recognizes Common Law marriage only.  He does not recognize government licensed marriages (it is redundant), although there are similar criteria.  Governments and ministers do not have the right to define or dissolve marriages.  Any time a man and a woman completes a unitive joining of the flesh, that is a marriage in God’s eyes (1Co 6:16) because God provided the means to make it possible.  Marriage has nothing to do with a court’s paperwork, or if a minister performs the ceremony.  These actions only increase your culpability if you sin.  Licenses and ceremonies are of the world and wholly not of God.  There is no marriage ceremony in the Bible, just some key traditions that have been adopted.  The reason God did not provide a marriage ceremony in the Bible, since ceremony seemed important for things like animal sacrifices, will be clear when you stand before God because your paperwork is meaningless.  When you take vows in a ceremony, you merely increase your sin should you break your vow, because now you are a liar as well.  Yet, this is where similar criteria to the world’s ceremonies enters the picture.  I am not knocking ceremony, it is good to make verbal commitments.  When a man takes a woman to be his wife, it is witnessed and sometimes celebrated, but the bottom line is that the one flesh marriage covenant is being honored in God’s eyes.  Fornication is just as forbidden in scripture as adultery; therefore, God’s intent was for the two who are becoming one to have never been with anyone else.

Fornication is a sin that can only occur between a man and a woman, because all other sexual deviations listed in the Bible are abominations and attested so by the laws of nature.  Fornication is difficult to define (because of deception) but it is based on lack of witness and honor to God’s one flesh marriage in favor of the pure lust of sex.  The witness can be a variety of proofs, and in light of conscience, I will leave it at that.  Fornication is a sin that comes out of a sinful person.  First you covet, then you fornicate, and if you were coveting your neighbor’s wife and fornicate with her, you commit adultery too.  Your basic adulterer or adulteress is guilty of at least three sins in this activity; more if they used the world’s means of licensing and ceremony.  To a great extent, the Jews understood God’s marriage covenant, but because of the hardness of their hearts, they persuaded Moses to allow divorce.  I am sure this had more to do with the type of impure women the Israelites were trying to marry from other nations in Moses’s time, but this allowance had become perverted when the Lord came.  Jesus corrected this error and proved God does not allow divorce.  For Jews, the betrothal period is also considered part of a marriage, which is why Matthew included the fornication clause.  However, Jesus plainly decreed that what, “God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.”  This (by definition), excludes paperwork, ceremony, or if a minister performed a ritual. 

Gentiles believed fornication was a part of life, which is why the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15 corrected their error.  If you were ever in a witnessed and honored marriage and now you are with someone else, then you are in adultery, even if you have not used the world’s means of witnessing and honor.  I will not deny that some exceptions might exist, but they are very, very rare, and virtually 100% of your divorced remarried adulterers and fornicators today merely use exceptions to justify their lusts.  I cannot tell you how many times divorced remarried adulterers have asked me, what if the husband is violently abusive, as an excuse.  For one, I am not sure that qualifies as an exception, and two, that still does not excuse you.  Bottom line, your relationship with God should prevent you from seeking exceptions to sin.  You lose nothing by taking the highroad (1Co 7:29).

The angels lusted (all angels), and in Genesis 6, some took wives of the daughters of men.  I know there are false interpretations of scripture that claim the phrase “sons of God” in Genesis 6 means something other than angels.  However, that is a Devil’s lie, and the error does not agree with Job, Jude, or the book of Enoch which describes this sin of the angels in greater detail.  Here is why the good ol’ boy, and all who do not cease serving sin and repent, will be condemned to hell.  God has to condemn you to hell because of the transgression of the angels.  Not that their sin is your fault, but because they did not receive redemption.  I can only speculate here, but I believe that some of the third of angels that fell were made an example of (2Pe 2:4); and the two thirds that did not fall, were pardoned without propitiation.  However, we have the priceless treasure, Jesus Christ, and that is why Christ is even above the angels.

Angels are what some of us want to be, sons of God.  We fantasize about their abilities; we make movies and TV shows about super beings with the kind of powers angels possess.  It is easy for man to make a habit of sinning and feeding the lusts of his flesh.  No doubt the angels viewed such habits and coveted engaging in such actions for self-pleasure.  The foolish atheists and others try and disprove the existence of God based on the evils and sins of this world, but their ignorance is missing some important facts.  It does not matter how good you think you are, the choice to continue to sin in the face of the redemption provided will send you to hell.  God foresaw the evil, but He sees the good that will come from such an environment as this crooked world.  If only one person was saved from this world, their joy in eternity would be greater than all the misery this world has ever known.

Everything God created is meant to bring Him all the glory.  A wicked world such as this is not only necessary to produce righteous and holy beings capable of loving the way God loves, but it will eventually provide a greater glory to God’s many attributes like mercy and grace.  We have been given something the fallen angels were not, a second chance and time to become perfect before the sting of death.  The angels had no concept of God’s mercy and more, His grace.  Great grace has been given to us in order for us to become heirs of the hope of eternal life.  Continuing is sin frustrates grace and will condemn you to hell.  The fallen angels made a choice and could not change it, you still have a chance. 

I receive flack from people about using my adulteress wife as an example.  They believe I do it as a means of vengeance.  Vengeance would be better served by what I actually know and have which would bring a greater shame, but I choose it not.  I use her as an example because the Holy Ghost keeps telling me about her eventual doom.  I do not hate her, I love her; but that does not change the fact that she is lost in sin.  You cannot help people by coddling them in their sins but by, “pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.”  Besides, she has had space to repent, “Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.”  It is my hope that others will hear and repent because the Holy Ghost has already told me in specific terms that she will not.  I am sure it causes her shame in the world when I speak about her adultery, and to the rest of you adulterers as well.  Shame in the world and being a shame to God are different, and you should, “Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God: I speak this to your shame.”


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