Truthers may not be an official term.  I heard and adopted it to describe mainly YouTubers exposing the lies of the world.  I say YouTubers because in 2013, that is where I first noticed them.  After I came off active duty in the Army in 2015, I started following truthers attentively and contributing to the cause.  YouTube began suppressing truthers in 2017 to the point that most of them are on other platforms now.  During their peak on YouTube, they were a force for truths of the world, but now there are so many frauds that it is like navigating a minefield.  Additionally, Google executives are aware of what is truth and what is a lie, and Google is obliged to push lies.  The development of technology with strict control and suppression of search engines makes it virtually impossible to locate actual truth anymore.  However, truthers were helpful in raising awareness to lies of the world to the point that I do not trust anything the world is propagating anymore.


Most of the truthers I use to follow diligently have settled into topics that have made them one trick pony acts.  And, because the opposition can remove content, promote fakes, suppress, outspend, and out tech truthers, as well as control the platforms and the rules, it has made it easier for corporations to confuse the issues and label truthers as conspiracy nuts.  Platforms have taken advantage of the control they now have to direct those seeking certain worldly truths to channels they know will keep the searcher in the dark.  My YouTube home page use to suggest content based on videos I had watched in relation to truthers and religion.  Now, I get stupid stuff like channels supporting LGBTQ, makeup (for men and women), home improvement, pets, cooking, movies, main stream news, anything but what I want.  When I scroll through the recommendations now, I spend 99% of the time using the option button to say I am not interested, or do not recommend this channel.  What really pisses me off is the more I indicate I do not want to see something, the more flipping channels they find to recommend about that same stupid topic.  The internet is not just restricted, but the establishment is only pushing the deceptions and propaganda they want you to see. 


I prefixed this article to provide necessary background because I am going to touch on several “truther” topics.  If you are unfamiliar with any of them, it is highly unlikely that you will find a reputable source on the internet to research it.  If you do, make sure it is a source that actually believes in the particular truth mentioned.  Yet, even that tidbit is no guarantee they will know what they are talking about or not be a fraud.  Also, all truth comes from God and it should lead to God.  Truthers who stagnate on a certain subject should have preceded to the next level instead of camping out at the foot of the mountain.  Some of the topics I will mention are grand topics and contain many issues of deception within them.  However, knowing the overall fallacy should cast your gaze toward the big picture of what is going on.  The individual lies of the world have become so big, that we may be witnessing a culmination in order to introduce the strong delusion lie upon those who receive not the love of the truth (2Th 2:9-12).  Just about every lie of the Devil, the world, and religion has the purpose of deceiving you as it relates to the truth of God.  Should you hold to lies, you could ignorantly be guilty of condemning your own soul to the eventual abode of all liars.  Conversely, if you willfully sin or have been convinced by the world or religion’s lies that you cannot quit sinning, you are already holding to lies that will condemn your soul.  The Devil is one hell of a tempter, especially if you have made a habit of sinning.  Death is not going to magically transform you into a righteous being.  If you have no heart for it now, you will never have a heart for righteousness and holiness.


Having said that, you should first know that the Bible never debates the existence of God.  He is, and that is all that can be said on the matter.  If you doubt the truth of God’s existence, and you are resolute in maintaining that belief, then this world and the Devil’s lies are your best option, “Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.”  It is sad to say that because I have encountered many atheist and agnostics that were smart about truths of the world, much more so than the deceived Christians embracing the lies.  You might as well enjoy the pleasures of sin outright like the lost, rather than through the mouth service the hypocrites and deceived Christians give to God while embracing selfishness.  When it comes to atheists, agnostics, or whosoever doubts God’s existence, it is not my fault that when I sought God, God revealed Himself to me and has continued to speak to me.  There is nothing special about me, so I must assume the problem is you.  How can you be so worldly wise but dumb as cabbage when it comes to the truth of God’s existence, and not acting on that truth and humbling yourself to seek His kingdom?  God is real; and He deserves your repentance and total worship because it is for His pleasure that we were created. 


There is also a big difference between learning about God because that seems logical; and knowing God (or rather are known of God) and hearing Him speak to you, and I do not mean through your imagination.  Practically every nominal Christian today has been taught about God after the manner of the world’s indoctrination and education, instead of developing a personal relationship through Christ and the Holy Ghost; so they can actually hear Him speak.  They would rather imagine that God speaks to them, so they can also follow the evil imaginations of their own heart or the Devil.  You are not going to find even a few Christians whose conscience is not seared that will admit that God has not spoken to them directly, but that they are just acting on a feeling or the voice sitting on the right shoulder…and the left.  I understand the lost’s fierce defense of lies, and their impulse to see truth and those preaching it as crazy, especially some of the things I am about to discuss.  They have been raised with the lies of the Devil and the world and they love those lies, so they instinctively lash out at the truth exposing them.  What is perplexing is so-called Christians defending the world and its lies when they are supposed to be separate, righteous, and holy.  It is because of their indoctrination after the rudiments of the world.  Defend the lies of the world and the Devil at your own peril.  No amount of mouth service to God can insulate you from the world’s judgement to come.


When talking about truther topics, I would prefer to do a walk-through history, but I do not know enough to be accurate.  Additionally, so much of the world you know is based on lies, and these lies are believed by everyone to the point it is almost impossible to get them to see the truth.  Their brain cannot bridge the gap between the lies that raised them and the truth.  I have to constantly admonish myself because when I think I have discovered the major lies, another one comes along and I am surprised again.  When you begin to understand truth, it can be a looking glass to view both past and present lies of the Devil and the world.  Although the world has altered history in service to the Devil and the love of deception, you can easily spot what is most likely a lie even though proof has been removed or covered up.  Lies began at the beginning, in the garden of Eden, when the Serpent first twisted and added to God’s word.  It is enough to say what the Bible says about the Devil’s deception of the whole world:


And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.  Rev 12:9.


Satan is not at war with God, he is not as stupid as you.  Only man is in ignorant rebellion to God and a pawn in the Devil’s game.  Satan wants to be like God, and is at war with creation to gain worship and its associated amenities.  In any war, you must control the battle field to win, and he is in control of the world.  The only way for you to avoid becoming a casualty is to die (die to self, the world, sin) and be born again in accordance with the Gospel of Christ.  It is enough to say you must escape the kingdom of Satan and enter the kingdom of God, for one will perish and the other endure eternally.  Satan knows this, so the game is about numbers at this point.  Man chose the Devil’s lies in the garden and was cast out but not forsaken.  God has provided the best defense that could be provided in the person of Christ, and when you follow Him correctly, no weapon formed against you can prosper.  That is not an elaboration, I have experimental knowledge from both sides.  The defense God has provided cannot be turned into a weapon either.  It can be used, refused, but not misused.  The tell-tale sign of people trying to misuse the defense God has provided in Christ is that it no longer works.  Virtually every so-called Christian faith has been misusing the Gospel, and as a result, there is no Holy Ghost witness of the power and authority of God in their ministries.  Misuse has become so common, that the establishment sometimes claims to be Christian in order to control people.  The weapons of Satan are prosperous today against Christians because 99.9% of those claiming to have faith are following the false doctrines of devils in relation to religion and the world, i.e., the lies of the Devil instead of the truth of God.


The next truth has to do with Rule.  A true man of God would make the best ruler in this world if he were so foolish; but not over the wicked, but over the righteous.  Even David admitted he could not deal with his wicked staff (2Sa 3:39).  The wicked cannot be ruled because of their selfish nature, which is why the world is destroying itself.  Covetousness naturally manipulates and eliminates others as the accumulation of power and wealth begins to peak.  Power and duplicity are what rules the wicked, it is force, falsehoods, and fear.  Power can mask itself in lofty ideals such as a faux justice to deceive, but even if a righteous man rules over the wicked, it can only be done with an iron rod to enforce righteous ideals on the terminally unrighteous.  The opposite is also true in this sense; even an unrighteous leader must use force and manipulation to rule the unrighteous to protect his own lusts.  The minute the righteous turn their backs, the wicked will pervert the system of rule to their advantage to gain power to enforce their unrighteous lusts on both the righteous and unrighteous. 


Satan has both loyal and aware followers and unaware followers, they are followers of selfishness and sin.  Given the chance, they would exact their lusts on Satan too.  However, he is the prince in power able to enforce his evil desires above others’, and it is within his power to give the kingdoms of this world to whom he wills at present, which is why the oligarchy worship and serve Satan.  All worldly government is inherently evil.  It can begin with good intentions, but once they start paving roads, the wickeds’ influence will make sure the roads lead to hell, which in this world is probably the closest central bank funding the construction.  God knows the unrighteous cannot be ruled, whereas the righteous love and care for each other eliminating rules of power and victims of sin.  All rule will eventually be given to Christ (the Righteous), who will use power to eliminate those who serve sin; and then, Christ will deliver up the kingdom to the Father.  Rule over the righteous is a fellowship; wickedness does not exist because sin is not served.  Instead, God will be served, loved, and worshipped.


God picked Saul to become king of Israel and it went bad.  God picked David and cultivated a dynasty that went bad.  Our forefathers established a Republic that was appropriated into a Democracy of mob rule, and now it has become a rotten oligarchy.  That is the nature of the beast, entendre intended.  If you willfully sin and serve your selfish desires, you are serving Satan’s kingdom.  This condition can only produce one outcome, only the most powerful selfish being can win.  God has allowed the rise and fall of governments, and Satan’s transferring and consolidating of principalities to feed his lusts over the course of creation.  God has always offered people the choice of who to serve; Him, or whatever else you choose because He is looking for a righteous people. 


God directly intervened at times, like bringing Israel out of Egypt and creating a nation, but we must be careful when it comes to attributing subtilties of change to God, because it could be the god of this world instead.  God does not work through subtilties because He does not have to.  When God acts, you know it, which is why personal revelation of His existence has such a force of witness, and is preferred to floods, fires, and flies.  If you serve God, stop supporting the world’s institutions because they serve Satan, if only ignorantly.  Since the advent of Christ, we are commanded to come out of the world and to be separate.  There are no righteous men in government, government agencies, or in the media.  Ask yourself, why would a righteous man subject himself to making or supporting evil decisions as a profession?  The only reason so-called Christians would choose to be involved in the ungodly professions or policies of this world is because they are deceived.  What kind of job do you have, do you consider yourself politically affiliated, do you help the poor and needy you know, or just give your money to your incorporated church?  God will allow Satan to play his games and you to wager your soul, but no matter what you gain for your desires, it will not buy your soul back when you perish.


Satan and governments of this world have divided religion with deception.  For Christians, maybe it began with emperor Constantine who realized the value of manipulating the religious.  Say what you want to about the righteous, but their loyalty to true faith can pad their numbers with superstitious reprobates.  A government’s power comes from people, so Satan must manage the masses to control the power.  There are actually very few righteous, but the deceived superstitious grants them popular influence.  That is why political leaders now feign religious servitude.  Legalizing Christianity birthed Catholicism, and they incorporated religion and government to control the world.  Presently, every main stream church is now incorporated which allows them utilization of the 501(c)(3) amendment to the U.S. tax code passed in 1954.  You probably hear truthers slander this code all the time, and it is evil, because it prohibits your church from opposing government.  Your churches are not assembling because the world “corporation” has been granted legal control over them and has ordered them not to meet.  Corporation comes from Latin (language of the Vatican) and basically means dead nation; to the point, making a body to serve Satan.  They call it companies serving a higher entity.


It was not enough to incorporate religion and government; Satan must also deceive true Christians into accepting sin to make them unaware followers.  Enter Augustine and the root of sinful nature which deceived Christians into believing sin was something their flesh body could not avoid.  So, Christians started walking after the flesh instead of the Spirit.  The Spirit was so prominent in Peter, that they set sick people in the street hoping Peter’s shadow would fall on them as he walked by and heal them.  You can walk in the Spirit and deny the lusts of the flesh, the Bible proves this.  Later, Martin Luther and John Calvin would build on Augustine’s heresies to further split secular Christianity during the Protestant Reformation, and the formation of more deviating conventions thereafter.  The Protestant Reformation does have some good aspects though.  Still, the goal of war is to conquer.  Satan wants to control united principalities through government and religion, and there is no territory greater than Jerusalem when it comes to religious control.


Although ruled by Rome, the Jewish people were still loyal to the covenant of law God made with them despite the growth of Christianity.  There have been many attempts to eliminate true Jews throughout history, but none as clever as playing on the hate that naturally exists, like between Jew and Gentile, or the conflict between Isaac and Ishmael.  Christianity, in the form of Catholicism, which now controlled the world (controlled by Satan) through Rome, could not outright destroy Judaism without destroying themselves in the process.  It was not necessary to destroy Judaism anyway, because they were currently blind to the faith that comes by Christ, but their province is the focal point of world religious control.  Catholicism also had to deal with true Christians that would not convert to the now “legal” Roman Catholic religion.


Enter Augustine again, who basically became the brain trust for the future creation of Islam, which became a thorn in Israel’s side with the added benefit of destroying true Christians who would not convert to Catholicism.  You can research it yourself, but from Augustine’s initial plans, when Muhammad entered the picture, he was then trained for his role as prophet of Islam by the Vatican.  It is no coincident that Islamic eschatology is the exact opposite of Christian eschatology.  Kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers, and governments come and go, but since its establishment, one worldly organization has existed as the power behind the throne for almost 2,000 years, and that is the Vatican. 


The current government in Israel is secular, and was granted their territory by Britain, and both are controlled by the Vatican corporation.  Augustine’s nefarious works, including that of the Nicolaitans (through priest rule), became a model for long-term planning and assumption of power by the Vatican.  They are the only organization in the world that has consistently manipulated events to gain greater power.  They are the Roman Empire represented in the iron and clay feet of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.  Iron represents civil rule and clay people of God now mingled in the rule of the incorporated governments and religion.  It is who the Vatican crowns that matters.  The lay members of the Roman Catholic Church are nothing more than superstitious ritual followers in service to a hierarchy of priests who have built, “the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous,” to serve as idols.  Protestant preachers who play on your biblical sympathies to garner support for the government now in Israel do not share with you the fact that the ultraorthodox Jews despise that government because they know who controls it.


You cannot serve two masters; a truth Satan is aware of which promoted the incorporating of government and religion, even if you are retained unaware.  The Vatican is a key player in world politics, and this has been the case from the point Catholicism became a political power.  They will establish a one world religion in Jerusalem which will be a part of the one world government.  The power of their influence may have been realized by Constantine, but it was never tested until the creation of the oldest legal treaty still in effect today, and that is the Treaty of 1213.  Just so you know, legal documents at this level do not include “Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire” for no reason when referring to Kings and Queens of Britain.  The ordination rites of these rulers are administered by the Vatican, usually through their archbishops.  The Treaty of 1213 is essentially the beginning of the New World Order in legal terms.  An English king tried to throw off the control of the Vatican.  He soon discovered the power of the superstitious masses being denied religious rites from the only game in town, the Roman Catholic Church.  A king did not want to pay dues to the church, so the Pope denied the king’s people rites to worship, communion, burial, marriage, any sacraments offered by the church.  They even excommunicated the king.  The king gave in and signed the Treaty of 1213 which gave ownership of British lands and territories to the Pope, and only the Pope or the British crown can dissolve this treaty.  The Treaty of 1213 is currently still in effect.


America is British territory, along with most territories you can name like France, Canada, Australia, India, and hundreds more, including nations the US has conquered.  “Publicly,” Britain’s loss in the Revolutionary War could not be allowed by the Vatican.  So, Britain tried again in the War of 1812, and failed, until they finally succeeded in recovering America after the Civil War (that is, if they actually lost it in the first place).  I cannot say when it exactly began (I would guess approximately 400 years ago), but all modern wars are controlled conflicts with at least these designs: deceiving and reducing a populace, reinforcing the resource rights of the Vatican by proxies, and/or a covering or shield for changes occurring.  Because of revisionist history, Americans do not realize that Andrew Johnson was the last President based on the original Constitution.  He has since been maligned by revisionists, maybe by design.  Not that he was righteous, but either Johnson was impeached because he opposed the enslavement of Americans that would be granted through Reconstruction, or the whole thing was a distraction to mask these very changes. 


After the Civil War, the 14th Amendment was ratified by using force on the southern states.  The southern states would not be allowed back into the union unless they ratified the amendment, and this eventually led to the new Constitution of 1871, which is the work of the Vatican corporation through its agents.  The New World Order took breath through the Treaty of 1213, but the middle part of the 1800s is where details formed that are followed to this day in the eventual creation of a visible one world government; as opposed to the private one world government that has been manipulating wars and events through public governments, maybe as far back as Constantine.  The Vatican is the most powerful entity among world institutions because they have legal ownership of virtually the whole world through the Treaty of 1213.  That is legal by man’s laws.  You are just a mushroom growing on a turd in a dark corner.  You love that turd; there is no way you would believe your turd world is a lie, but it is.  The Vatican’s schemes are the product of 1,700 years’ worth of manipulation through deception in service to Satan for the power and riches of this world he provides.


I admit, I am broad stroking several truths which have many intricate details for the purpose of the big picture.  I skipped a number of documents like the Magna Carta and Declaration of Independence because they were null and void the minute they were signed in relation to the Treaty of 1213.  I skipped Unam Sanctam of 1302 where the Vatican established Catholicism as the one world religion and one world government, i.e., there is no salvation outside the Roman Catholic Church, and the Pope rules over both spiritual and temporal domains.  I may mention topics based on these works.  I originally had a list of about 60 topics that I was going to include for reference.  To be honest, I felt embarrassed by the list because there are so many more lies the world and the Devil has sold you that you accept as truth; so, I nixed the list.


The greatest deceptions currently being pushed on the world have a culmination nexus in the middle to later part of the 19th century, and the American Civil War was a catalyzing event to cover these lies.  Old tricks are the best tricks, and war is about lusts.  As I stated in the beginning, lies of the Devil and the world are designed to hide the truth of God.  For a true Christian, the only head of a man is Christ; anyone, or thing, that insinuates itself between that relationship (like a Pope or government) is a lie.  I do not believe the Devil has greater foresight than a man who hears from God, but he has a lot more experience given his age.  I do not think evil’s influence over Constantine or Augustine had the intent of influencing Luther or Calvin, that was just an added benefit for evil.  Virtually every man manifesting the same power and authority of God as New Testament believers has been, and will be, slandered or slain by the world and/or its religious organizations.  Whereas the ones that were biblical intellectuals (Augustine, Luther, Calvin) but had no power or authority from God in their ministries, have been extolled and used to control the masses by false knowledge and indoctrinating education filled with lies. 


The written Bible is not necessary in the conversion of sinners if you follow the pattern of New Testament believers who were baptized with the Holy Ghost after “hearing,” repenting, and believing the preaching of the Gospel of Christ.  Receiving the Holy Ghost and understanding what the Spirit is saying through the manifested utterances is instruction indeed.  Following righteousness and perfecting holiness is what you add.  The law does not serve righteousness it speaks of righteousness.  The law was added to reveal sin, and the law only knows sin and death.  Paul was not trekking around south Asia and parts of Europe with scrolls but through the Spirit.  He was facilitating the baptism with the Holy Ghost and converting sinners to righteousness.  Strictly speaking, a law follower cannot be saved by the law.  The law reveals the need for Christ because everyone has violated the law.  The goal of the law is Christ, and then fulfilling the righteousness described in the law by faith, not by breaking the law again, but by repenting and walking in true righteousness.


However, the Bible, “is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.”  Since sinners persist, the Bible is necessary to prove their transgressions.  Satan and the Vatican were instrumental in keeping scripture away from the masses until the invention of the printing press.  It is here that I want to address the truth of the Authorized Version of the Bible.  The Protestant Reformation did have positive benefits spiritually for a long period of time, that is, until the Vatican insinuated itself into the equation again.  Satan and the Vatican hate the King James Bible because of its truth; and in its prime, it accounts for the greatest revivals in history from the 18th, 19th, and early part of the 20th centuries.  There are a couple of stories surrounding where the Codex Sinaiticus (circa 1859) came from, but bottom line is the texts for the “New” English Bibles used today came from the Vatican.  Wescott and Hoyt used these new texts heavily in their interpretations.  As a result, the newer English translations of the Bible contain the right kind of lies, courtesy of the Vatican and based on Wescott and Hoyt’s translations.  This is a simple thing for the Vatican, to “dig” up new texts out of their library storage and claim whatever they want, even if they did make it themselves for a purpose.


I am not going to debate anyone on this point because there is just too much proof affirming the “New” English Bibles produced since the Authorized Version are filled with false doctrines.  As far as English Bibles go, the King James Bible is the only one that can be called the English word of God.  It does not bother me if you do not believe that.  It is your right to swallow any false doctrine that comes your way and I am not going to stop you.  Like Wescott and Hoyt, or Augustine, Luther, or Calvin, I am sure there is no Spirit of God in your witness.  You will just spew something out that you were indoctrinated with in a school or from the internet to defend the confusing of God’s written word in English; and then denigrate the King James Bible, and this is what the Vatican wanted.  During the revivals under the King James Bible, the same kind of manifestations of the Spirit occurred as described in that very same book.  The Vatican wants the Pope to be the head, and for all our spiritual and temporal matters to be ultimately under his authority.  They equate this to dialog in Luke’s gospel about the two swords (their Gelasian Doctrine); they claim one sword is spiritual and the other is temporal, and that both are transferred to the succession of Popes.  It is the same principle behind the two keys on the Vatican flag; spiritual and temporal keys to the kingdom (of Satan).


The Protestant split is a sore spot for the Roman Catholic Church because of their enforcement of documented treaties and bulls leading up to the 19th century stating, the Pope owns the lands, there is no salvation outside the Roman Catholic Church, and the Pope presides over all matters spiritual and temporal.  You can believe it or not, but one world religion will be a part of the one world government that is coming, and the Roman Catholic Pope will be at the center of it.  What we are experiencing now with censorship on the internet to outright revocation of liberties on the street is just the beginning of sorrows.  Like Satan in the garden, the twisting of the word of God that has occurred from so many new English translations containing false doctrines, has led to greater sin among so-called Christians; and, the Vatican is behind it.  The Vatican works through subtleties, as the Devil, and will cash in on the imaginations of others for their benefit.  Anything that can remove truth farther from the lie is always adopted.  In the world the Devil and his children tell their lies, but what if they lied about the world itself?  The current Pope has indicated that theories like the Big Bang and Evolution do not conflict with Creation.


Up until the 16th century, everyone knew the earth was a geostationary plane and the celestial bodies turned as the hands on a clock above.    Since this is one of those topics containing numerous details, I will just say, that it is still true; and, the corporation is doubling down on flat earth truthers, so, correct information is extremely hard to find on this fact.  Joshua did not command the earth to stand still but the sun and the moon.  When you type flat earth into a search now, all you get is people mocking it.  All measurable proofs verify the earth is a geostationary plane, and the only proofs that disclaim this are manufactured and cannot be proven.  The Bible also supports a flat, stationary, and enclosed earth, and that only the celestial bodies move for times and seasons and signs.  For instance, there is no such thing as space in the Bible.  The Bible indicates that a fixed firmament (appears to be a dome) separates the waters above from the waters beneath.  Additionally, adding the lies of space and other “plane(ts)” creates domains that man was not even granted by God.  God told man to, “have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”  That is all.  My point is not to prove the truth to you, if you want to know, search for yourself; or, hold to the lies of your liar buddies.  For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.” 


The true composition of the earth, or more to the point, the notion you live on a spinning ball floating in space, is one of the biggest bald faced lies the Devil and the world has brainwashed mankind with.  The Vatican was behind this deception, and exerted a lot of influence over Copernicus to publish the work of his imagination.  The funny thing about it is that you have absolutely no measurable proof, or actual scientific recreations of the false theories used, that you can refer to that says you live on a ball spinning faster than the speed of sound that floats in a vacuum of space.  You believe it, but you cannot prove it.  If it were a spinning ball, you could measure it, but every time someone other than the establishment does, it proves that it is not a spinning ball but flat and not moving.  The only thing ball earthers have for evidence is the word of liars, fake films, computer generated effects in media, manipulated photography, the use of hidden harnesses or airplanes and swimming pools for “zero-g” and spacewalk filming studios, outlandish math magical formulas that go to great extents to prove you can wrap the truth around a lie, and of course, the globe and textbooks they used to brainwash you with when you were a child. This is in contrast to what you can actually prove which always refutes the world’s lies about the earth. 


There is far too much evidence to list that verifies you live on a flat, stationary surface that is enclosed with a dome above and the celestial bodies rotate within that structure.  Now the question the average person asks because of their distresses from cognitive dissonance is, why would they deceive you?  Well, to hide God, because if you knew you lived in an enclosed designed system you could not deny the Creator of that system, and prove the hypocrisy of the world.  Plus, it allows the oligarchy the opportunity to wheedle out many other hoaxes like earth age, gravity, meteors, evolution, space travel, satellites, aliens, alien seeding, dinosaurs, and many more.  What should really upset you is the money they steal to support these hoaxes.  It is always about the power and money they lust after which God rebukes.


Operation High Jump took place in the late 40s which was a survey of Antarctica which encircles the livable area of the earth, or the circle of the earth.  It is a big ice wall enclosure.  The circle of the earth is what God sees when He sits in the third heaven looking through the second heaven firmament which is the molten glass curtain spread as a tent under which we dwell (Job 37:18, Isa 40:22).  I personally do not think they know how far Antarctica extends.  The technology does not exist that will allow them, or equipment, to endure the cold beyond the reach of the sun; and ever since the survey, they have probably been trying to tunnel their way into the unknown.  As the moon and sun travel their circuits above the face of the earth like hands on a clock face, the sun holds the cold of Antarctica back.  We feel the cold in winter as the sun moves north in its circuit away from Antarctica.  It is true that north is a center magnetic pole point, but there is no south pole point.  All magnetic needles point to the north pole, but you cannot follow the other side of the needle and find a south pole. 


On a globe type map, Antarctica’s coast line is somewhat accurate.  You just have to imagine inverting the circle around the other way, so it encloses the livable area of the flat earth.  The pseudoscience behind the ball earth tilting, moving, and rotating to provide seasons is only accurate because of the extents they have gone to in creating the math, wrapped around the lie.  God has designed a perpetual machine that is simple enough in operation that any man can understand it, so the establishment removed that knowledge and replaced it with math magics to create their ball.  Ever wonder why the sun and the moon are the same size when you look at them?  The world lies and tells you they are not the same size through math magics that just happens to push the sun far enough away to provide a false size, but to the naked eye they still appear the same, how convenient.  Trust your God given senses and not their lies.  They cannot recreate any of their pseudoscience theories like gravity and motion.  If you wet a tennis ball and spin it, the water flies off.  Gravity is a decerning god that allows butterflies to fly, but hold a quintillion tons of water to the ground.  Look up the math magical formula for gravity and lie and say it makes sense, and then show me an experiment that proves you can recreate it.


Approximately ten years after High Jump, the Antarctic Treaty of 1959 was signed, and in a nutshell, Antarctica became off limits to civilians and all nations agreed not to fight about this.  We cannot get nations to agree to stop fighting over resources, but for some reason, they all agree to maintain the deception about the true composition of the earth and secrets of Antarctica.  This is more proof that all modern wars are controlled conflicts.  After World War II, we snatched up German scientists, picked up on their rocket development, and developed rockets that could carry high yield ordinance.  This set off Operation Fish Bowl in the early 60s with the purpose of trying to punch through the dome, but they failed.  They claim they were testing nuclear weapons, but these were not nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons do not exist, that is another hoax.  The powers in control of the world love nothing more than deceiving you, especially if it leads to fear and more money.  If you fear, then you do not love, and love is what God commands (1Jn 4:18).  Your basic nuclear power plant is nothing more than a steam plant, the actual power is produced by steam.  If they really had nuclear weapons, they would have used them.  Our largest fuel air bomb is called MOAB, the mother of all bombs, so Russia created one of their own that is called the father of all bombs.  Wouldn’t nukes be bigger than these if they existed and deserve those labels?  Any films of tests were just mounds of TNT or faked films.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki were fire bombed, and when you compare them to Tokyo which was fire bombed earlier, the damage is the same.  There are some Nuclear Hoax documentaries on BitChute if you want to watch.


I really do not want to get into a lot of the proof I am aware of that contradicts the false heliocentric theory.  I cannot do it justice because there is so much evidence that we live on a geostationary plane.  In the Army we worked with antenna systems that are domed shape which is how the shape of the firmament appears to be.  There are no real pictures of the over 30,000 satellites (that supposedly exist) passing in front of a full moon.  I got into a debate with a ball earther who claimed you cannot see satellites because of how fast they are going but that you know they are there because of their lights.  I said, how can you see the light but not the satellite?  Anyway, in the Army they would provide us with coordinates to position our equipment in order to lock onto the “bird,” or “satellite.”  Based on the angles, I know now we were bouncing the signal off the dome firmament back to a ground station.  It is the same principal used in cable dish antennas, the only difference is that in the states the angles are steeper.  There are many more proofs that disprove the existence of satellites like cell towers, and all the cable they have laid in the ocean which is the real internet and “global” communication system.  You can research it yourself because there are truthers dedicated to the geostationary plane earth topic.


I know there are truthers who focus on the illuminati, freemasons, skull and bones, Jesuits, Bohemian club, Fraternal Order of Police, or whatever secret or non-secret organization you can name and it is true, there are people who are members of these ungodly organizations.  However, they are not in the top tier of the pyramid, but merely agents doing the bidding of agents, following orders from masters, worshipping and obeying their master the Devil.  I have no doubt that the Pope is at the top in the world power structure.  That guy scurries around and visits (and is welcomed), by more world leaders than any man on earth.  There is no man of God in the Bible that fared well with government leaders with the exception of those with David (and he is the exception and archetype of Christ).  When you see supposed men of God being welcomed and influencing governments, it is an indicator something is wrong.  Additionally, the land, real money, knowledge, technology, resources, and surety of perpetual incorporation the Vatican has is immense.  I am also sure that the Vatican was, and still is, in the best position to deny the Spirit of God on the whole, and yield to, “the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience,” and give Satan the worship he tried to tempt Christ with to rule the kingdoms of this world.  Got to be worshipping something.  If you are not worshipping God you are involuntarily worshipping Satan through your disobedience and/or selfishness, or on purpose for the privilege of the power the Devil offered Christ.  The occultic, “how to knowledge,” I know is among the Vatican’s collections and libraries; and they have dabbled and perfected it, and passed it onto the world leaders over the course of their incorporation through a symbiotic relationship between religion and government to use that power to rule the earth.


For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.  2Co 11:13-15.


The hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church learned from its inception how to cast stumbling blocks in front of the righteous that opposed their priestly rule.  They also like a return on the wickedness they sow, which is best received in the confessionals they preside over.  When you confess sin to a Catholic priest, he forgives you and assures you of salvation.  Then you go out and leap right back into sin and the cycle perpetuates itself.  You are not serving God but a false religion which is what the Devil (their master) wants, because that means you are serving him.  As a result of the Vatican’s accumulated wealth, knowledge, and rituals/tactics over the centuries, they have subjugated the world and religion to the service of Satan. You might be thinking, not my religion, but yes, especially your religion.  Even if it is not directly under their control, they have sowed deception to thwart faiths from the righteous path, or they have created governments and religions of their own designs (Islam), or left ones already deceived alone or manipulated them (Judaism, Eastern mysticisms) through its agents to ensure deception or influence for their purposes. 


When discussing Vatican agents, freemasons began as builders, and builders of Catholic cathedrals.  Freemasons were an organization of the Catholic church.  I personally believe they still are by proxy, and any public denial now simply serves distancing from the truth for appearance sake.  I said that to say this, I am conflicted when it comes to the American Revolution; was it genuine or just an experiment, or, a control?  I want to believe the populace here at the time really revolted by natural means, i.e., the usual Hegelian dialectic method was not being employed to start a war, but now I think it was a controlled war.  All the key players involved in the government were freemasons (which are agents of the Vatican), and the Definitive Treaty of Peace in 1783 begins by indicating that the United States is still under English rule which is under Vatican rule. 


The truth is that the founders gave us the best possible government in the form of a Republic.  That is not what we have today, and perhaps the founders already knew a Republic could be converted over time into an oligarchy.  Benjamin Franklin said as much when asked what kind of new government did he give us; he replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”  (Beware of revisionists that deny his words.)  Conceivably, the Vatican also has as much experience from their understanding of the Roman Empire, preserving the very knowledge that was used and inculcating it to the freemasons here.  The Roman government went through the same phases we are going through now, from British Kingdom to Republic to an Empire ruled by an oligarchy.  Our governmental customs, buildings, statues, monuments, and even the eagle emblem is taken out of Roman culture and used in the designs of the Dirty City (D.C.). 


The true cause for the Revolutionary War was not “taxation without representation,” that is just what the oligarchy does to increase pressures for war.  The Protestant Movement was the real target.  The Protestant revivals were upsetting the oligarchy’s balance of power among the masses, and a government’s power is people.  The truth of God was getting to far too many people, and the “new” world in America became the rally point for those seeking religious liberties.  This new religious revolution may have been cleverly covered up by the American Revolution which appeased the freedom seeking masses, but did not entirely remove the yoke of the oligarchy.  People today do not know who George Whitefield was, but he was more popular than George Washington.  A clever historical name swap to cover-up the people behind the true revolution.  Through the Protestant Reformation, England experienced a population explosion, and because of surplus capitol and religious persecution, this led Protestant believers to colonizing the Americas (circa 1650).  The English word of God had been purified seven times and completed in the Authorized Version of the Bible in 1611[1]; enter the great revivals of the Philadelphian church age.


People like George Whitefield, John Wesley, and Jonathan Edwards were key figures in the Protestant Missionary Movement of the 1700s which led to the First Great Awakening (1730 to 1740) and the Second Great Awakening (1820 to 1830).  For brevity, to include the Third Great Awakening (1880 to 1900), I will just say the people above and people like Francis Asbury, Richard Allen, Timothy Merritt, Asa Mahan, William Boardman, Hannah Whitall Smith, Albert Benjamin Simpson, Jeremiah Lamphier, Charles Finney, Theodore Dwight Weld, Sarah Moore Grimké, Alexander Campbell, Dwight Lyman (DL) Moody, Sir George Williams, Phoebe Palmer, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, William Booth, Charles Fox Parham, Agnes Ozman, Frank Bartleman, E. J. Boehmer, Elmer Fisher, Joseph Smale, Demos and Goolisar Shakarian, Louis and Cena Osterberg, Neely Terry, William Joseph Seymour, and many more; were instrumental in such movements as the Doctrine of Christian Perfection, Cane Ridge Revival, the Restoration Movement, Holiness Movement, National Holiness Association, Missionary Awakening, Social Gospel Movement, Progressive Era, the YMCA, Epworth League, Walther League, the Salvation Army, Higher Life Movement, Christian Missionary Alliance, The Laymen's Revival, the Emancipation Proclamation, Equal Suffrage, the Temperance Movement, and the Azusa Street Revival.  This is only a partial list of the people used, and the great things God accomplished during the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries.  The true revolution began with the Great Awakening that resulted from the Protestant Movement, and I believe the American Revolutionary War was an attempt to cover it up and bring forth a less restrictive government that could be transformed over time by the Vatican.  The Vatican knows how true revivals work because they have been dealing with them for a long time through various means such as burning at the stake, inquisitions, to torture and murder.  This time it was so profound, that they endured the spiritual rise in temperature, provided a less restricted form of government through their agents, and when it cooled, they just took control back.


The Vatican learned a long time ago that it is not necessarily what is happening at the moment that is important, but what history you pen or measures you add to control the future.  That is why everything prior to the 20th century laid the foundation for what is occurring today.  Technology has made it harder to suppress truth, so we are heading for a chaos explosion to reset everything under a New World Order.  There is a big difference between a Republic and a Democracy.  You should study the difference because a Republic is what you have lost.  For me, a key comparison is that a Democracy is 51 people telling 49 people what they have to do (mob rule), whereas a Republic is 99 people having no influence over what the one is doing.  It is as close as you can get to freedom from government as long as you are not violating Common Law, which is the law of the land, or real law (crimes that have a victim).  You cannot sue a baker for not baking a cake for your homosexual union in the Republic that was founded, any more than the baker can sue you for being a homosexual.  If there is no property or bodily damages, there is no crime under Common Law.  I know there are Christians who want to enforce God’s laws against such things as homosexualism and the like, but that is not possible in a Republic under Common Law, maybe ecclesiastical law?  If the victim of a crime is the criminal himself or God, it is hard to compel the criminal to condemn himself, and God to appear in a court of man.  That is why God will hold His own court to prosecute those who have transgressed against Him and His children.  As a witness of Christ, you only have the obligation to warn them, not prevent them from sinning which is impossible.


Roman law, maritime law, law of the sea, Equity Law, trust law, contract law, or any other nomenclature depicting this same type of law is what was being used against the people here before the Revolution.  Since the Civil War, it has been reemployed against the “citizens of the United States” in order to gain tribute primarily because of the wealth it provides to the oligarchy in control.  You can still open a court of Common Law, but the establishment has made it virtually impossible to do so.  If you are as old as me, you probably remember the O. J. Simpson trial.  The trial was in accordance with Common Law.  Do you remember how the judge did not act haughty or belligerent, and the lawyers seemed like they were in charge?  That is the exact opposite of what you encounter in the municipal courts you are now used to where you are being charged with a victimless crime.  The reason for that is because a judge is nothing more than an administrator in the process.  The faciliatory authority lies with the clerk to recognize the merit of the prosecution’s claim to hold court, but they really cannot prevent it.  Thereafter, the prosecution proves their cause for damages, and if the defense fails to rebuff the claims, judgement is found in favor of the prosecution.  If a jury is involved (and it is your right to have a jury trial), the jury foreman can act as a judge.  In either case, a judge does not decide the outcome; either the jury does, or the claim from the prosecution decides the outcome if the answer from the defense fails.  I am not an expert, but I know the court is yours if you have a claim, not the state’s court; the state facilitates and administrates.


The Constitution provides for two types of court, Equity and Common Law.  Equity Law is better understood as trust law.  Our money says, “IN GOD WE TRUST” because of trust law, not because of God Almighty.  The god they are referring to is the Devil.  They are signaling the law they worship, which is why every time some Satanist tries to file a claim to have those words removed from money, the courts shoot them down.  The love of money is the root of all evil, which is why the establishment loves money.  The living God would never associate Himself with money.  Peter said, silver and gold have I none, and healed the lame beggar; the Pope has all the silver and gold and kisses the crippled.  One removes the Devil, the other loves the Devil; one has the witness of God, the other does not.  When you appear in these municipal courts where the judge is acting as both prosecutor and jury, you are more or less tricked into condemning yourself via trust law where you make the clerk (via the judge) the beneficiary of your estate.  Their claim against you probably has no victim (traffic court, drugs, or stupid stuff like cake baking), they are just robbing you. 


No one ever wins in a kangaroo court; there are court fees, lawyer fees, fines, etc.  Ignorance of the law is no excuse, so they trick you into pleading either guilty, not guilty, or no contest which gives them jurisdiction over your estate no matter which choice you make.  You have a fourth choice of objecting which denies them jurisdiction over your estate.  They will not tell you that you have this choice, like I said earlier, they have made it very difficult to do so through lies, intimidation, to outright false imprisonment.  They know you have the right and power to hold court yourself under Common Law, but they also know that victimless crimes cannot be tried in a Common Law court.  To even have a claim that is court worthy there must be a Contract/Law that has been violated, an Accuser, Witnesses, and Damages.  The court cannot be accuser and witness which is what you have when police make victimless claims.  If either of the four elements are missing, no court can be held under Common Law.  The court cannot be prosecution and jury, and if you hire a bar attorney and go to court, that is what you have.  It is just like Jesus said, “Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.”


The founder’s establishment of Common Law courts was a direct revolution to what the colonist had been experiencing.  This is perhaps one of the greater proofs of what was really going on in America prior to the Revolutionary War.  However, the court system has also been easily converted (or perverted) over time to serve the oligarchy.  The freemason agent’s inclusion of Equity Law is just more evidence in favor of the Revolution being a controlled conflict.  Nevertheless, the people here were smart and knew the difference between the two types of law being offered; so, it would take about 100 years for the freemason agents to change the system back to serve the oligarchy more exclusively.  The Civil War was fought over many things, but it was not started or fought over slavery.  Only the properly deceived believe War is about noble causes when it is always about lust.  The Civil Rights Act of 1866 may have been motivation in Andrew Johnson’s impeachment (i.e., if the impeachment was not a diversion).  He vetoed it twice and it still became law and was ratified after the passing of the 14th Amendment.  Johnson opposed the Reconstruction efforts, because they were destroying the Republic and subjugating the populace through clever legalese such as, the replacement of your natural rights with civil rights and privileges, and converting you into United States citizens as opposed to people of a respective state.  I maintain that Johnson was probably controlled opposition or a diversion to ensure the passing of the unconstitutional laws they were enacting.  The Civil War was a house cleaning to remove the Republic and the freedom it provided from government, I mean the oligarchy.


The middle 1800s to the earlier 1900s saw the transformation of the United States from a Republic into a Democracy.  Over this time, we ignorantly experienced things like the borrowing of the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 which declares everyone dead which ushered in birth certificates instead of records of live birth.  The 1871 incorporation of America through THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, a new corporate charter (they changed one word and capitalized the charter and name).  The original Constitution read, “Constitution for the united states of America.”  By changing “for” to “of” and registering the corporate name, the new Constitution of 1871 met the legal requirements needed for a new corporate charter.  The new foreign state’s territorial government was established by the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871; the goddess Columbia being America’s idol and identifier to the districts of the Vatican and London, in all, the unholy trinity corporation controlling the world for Satan (the three stars on the D.C. flag, centers of a pentagram). 


I am going to just quick fire some changes where the oligarchy was deceiving you into becoming voluntary slaves to the corporation.  This is opposed to involuntary slaves, which is the legalese used in the 13th Amendment, so they could subjugate you voluntarily (by ignorance of the law) through the 14th Amendment into the corporation.  Here is the funny part, they knew what they were doing and provided an out for themselves (and you if you know about it) through 15 Statutes at Large 1868.  You have the right of expatriation from the foreign state they were creating in 1868 and through the new Constitution of 1871.  It can be achieved via 15 Statutes at Large.  The truest expatriation you can achieve is by accepting Jesus Christ God’s Son Crucified, and come out of the world altogether.


In the 1800s the elite introduced false theories to fleece and confuse you like the Dinosaur Theory of 1815.  The riches from oil was realized, but how could the oligarchy deceive you into paying inflated prices for something that is almost as abundant as water.  The earth naturally produces oil which deposits in wells as a byproduct of consumption and decay; it is a rapid process comparatively.  They have hidden the fact that even if they pump an oil well dry, it fills up again over time.  So, they deceived you into believing fraudulent claims like the earth is billions of years old, and there used to be dinosaurs that died, and their remains created “fossil” fuels which are limited.  It is a lie.  They manufactured dinosaurs to trick you into paying premium moola for oil among other things.  Shoot, they even make money off the displays you see in museums which are fake.  The sheer weight of such creatures could not possibly be supported by the skeletal structures they claim.  Additionally, why was the 19th century the main discovery point of so-called dinosaurs, and used to roll out something the Vatican discovered in the imagination of others from the 17th century?  Most fundamental Christians are aware of the fallacies of the Evolution Theory of 1859, and its influence and confusion of the ungodly, so I am going to skip it.


The Limited Liability Act of 1851 pretty much introduced maritime rule, or maritime law back principally into the court system.  The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 created centralized banking, something colonial Americans abhorred for good reasons.  This opened the door for the Emergency Banking Act of 1933 which led to us switching from the gold standard to fiat currency, which is designed to fail.  This all goes back to the transformations of antebellum America into what we have currently.  The establishment changed you from people of a state to citizens of a foreign corporation, removed natural rights and gave you civil rights, they killed you with birth certificates which replaced records of live birth; your name now appears on legal identifications in all caps like dead corporations’ names do, and like the name THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA does in the new Constitution of 1871; when you go to court they use trust law to tax your corporate identity of which you are the beneficiary, but they trick you into making them the beneficiary; and fiat currency is based on debt, or the standard of the corporation’s chattel (instead of gold), i.e., you, which is why your original birth certificate is filed with the Federal Reserve.


There is an abundance of topics that you are lied to about daily.  I have not even covered half from my outline.  The ones I did discuss have many details that I skipped like the gold fringe on the flag, why nautical terms are used in court and hospitals, why signs and symbols are the way the elite communicate, why law of the sea is used instead of the law of the land, the Vatican’s love for “indulging” sin, the truth behind the police state and why law “dogs” are trained to see people as enemies; why Lincoln’s declaration of war against the people is renewed every year and its relation to executive orders, who really owns the media, and many more.  I will say this about science fiction topics.  When it comes to the hoaxes of Gravity, Space, Moon Landing, Satellites, Aliens, why planes take such unusual routes, or anything refuting the true composition of the earth as flat, stationary, and an enclosed system; the establishment does have a somewhat accurate map of the world called the Gleason's New Standard Map of the World 1892; but the map on the United Nations Flag is probably more accurate as a visual.  The next time you wonder why your South American flight flies you up through North America to go to Africa, you will understand why that is a shorter route when referring to an accurate map.  I believe you can still find a picture of the Gleason map on the internet.  Interestingly, Jerusalem is blocked out. 


The 911 false flag, or the foreknowledge and agreement between the U.S. and Japan to bomb Pearl Harbor is just another example of Hegelian dialectic being used.  No decent Navy lines up their battleships (in this case, antiquated ships) so they present the best possible target.  People are still sensitive to the Coronavirus Plandemic and George Floyd hoax, so it is probably best to just mention those in passing.  I also avoided talking about the dangers of processed foods, the true intent behind fluoride, prescription pills, vaccines, cancers, mainly anything dealing with health issues.  There are so many of them that I personally just decided to trust God and stay away from doctors, but if your faith is lacking, you may want to investigate it.


The powers in the top of the pyramid control the media.  You cannot trust news, education, or information from the mainstream or the creeks and branches that flow from it.  That includes their attempts to shame bait you into believing things like what they are pulling with mandatory mask requirements.  You could use the same logic to require people not to drive because they might hit someone.  They are not concerned for your well-being, they are employing another Hegelian dialectic for purposes yet to be revealed, most likely the vaccine and passes that allow you to buy and sell.  God gave you a conscience for a reason, and if you choose to allow that conscience to be removed by the establishment so they can achieve their goals, then the Hegelian dialectic has done its job.


I remember four or five years after the internet began you could search and find truth in the first two or three results provided.  Now, it is like what I said at the start about my crappy YouTube recommendations.  They, them, the elite control the information with a firm rein now, and sow lies and propaganda on the regular.  There are no righteous men in government, government agencies, courthouses (lawyers and judges), or in the occupations of police forces, mainstream media, or preachers or evangelist from incorporated churches that appear in media (even if they are ignorant of the fact they are working unrighteousness).  The oligarchy would never allow truth on media they control unless it is controlled opposition.  If they do allow ministers on media, it is because they know they control them, or can mitigate their effect.  A true man of God would expose their lies, and a personal encounter with someone who has the power and authority of God behind them could be devastating to the kingdom of Satan they serve.  I doubt you will ever see a man of God on media truly cast out devils, heal the sick, or raise the dead outside of the two last witnesses.  Even if amateur video is produced, they would not allow it on any media platform.


All of us have some experience with deception, whether it was our own wayward pursuits, others abusing and using us, or the evils of the world and the Devil deceiving us, a change occurred when you hungered and thirsted after righteousness.  There was a time when it did no good to warn the deceived because they were at home in the flesh, and loved the pleasures of the world, but much of that is changing now.  Still, I am very aware of those who walk, “according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air,” even if they are unaware themselves.  The deceived will attack you physically to defend their lusts, and desires of the flesh are so prolific now, that people see deviant, unnatural, and ungodly behavior as normal.  The deceived will always mock truth, and they will see those preaching it as crazy; but that is, “the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience.  The Lord is returning because sin is triumphing on earth.  If you find the topics I discussed crazy, and you think I am a loon, then I say it is doubtful that you will overcome this world, you are just like the rest who cannot, “recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.”  The oligarchy serves the Devil willfully, but you through your ignorance are deceived into it, and they are laughing at you.  You can trust those fools that tell you it is okay to sin if you want to, but remember, you do not know God.  It can be easy sometimes to get people to see certain truths of this world, maybe you agree with something I mentioned, but getting you to see the truth of God is difficult.  You may love feeding your lusts now, but trust me, in time you will die.  Repent, the kingdom of God is at hand.


There are still truthers out there battling against the restrictions being brought to bear upon them, and I do salute you.  My goal was to make you realize that all the topics I mentioned (and the ones not mentioned) should open your eyes to the truth of God’s existence, so you would seek first the kingdom of God.  Finding and following God makes it easy to see the deceptions of the world through the experience.  When you can hear God speak through the Holy Ghost, and have that influence the teaching the Holy Ghost is providing through the relationship, you are NOT going to become one of the 999 out of 1,000 Christians today who believes that voting or supporting the unrighteous is a good thing.  You never have a choice in any election where the candidate matters in the power structure.  You are a fool if you think choosing between the only choices they give you (Trump or Biden), actually matters; and you are a fool if you believe the government is serving the people.  If you are a true Christian, then come out of the world and have nothing to do with it.  Do not just take my word for it, hear the Lord:


Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,  2Co 6:17. 

[1] The King James Bible was not a new translation but a revision.  At the behest of the king, the archbishop of the Church of England overseeing the translation of the King James Bible provided 15 Instructions to the Translators.  The 14th instruction reads, “These translations to be used, when they agree better with the text than the Bishops' Bible: Tyndale's, Coverdale's, Matthew's [Rogers'], Whitchurch's [Cranmer's], Geneva."  These six Bibles were used to attain the best possible reading making the King James Bible the seventh in the series.  The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.”  Psa 12:6. 


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