The Baptism with the Holy Ghost, Tongues Part 6 – Charity, is about God’s love.  It is impossible for LGBTQIA+, divorced remarried adulterers, divorced cohabitators, fornicators, first marriage couples practicing concupiscence, and covetous people to walk in God’s love.  The Bible defines God’s love in 1 John 5:3, “For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments.”  The people identified above have decided they are not going to walk in God’s love, but walk after the world’s love instead; therefore, their carnal desires are both their reward and destruction.  It does not matter how many false doctrines of devils they embrace to deceive themselves; the love of God leads you unto righteousness.  There is nothing you can do about people who choose to embrace deceit and walk after the imaginations of their own hearts.  However, you still have a choice, you can still receive His Spirit and with an open ear hear what the Holy Ghost says to you.  They do not want this, and when they appear before God, He will tell them He did not know them.  Then, they will realize they were walking after their own lusts all along instead of God's love.



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