God’s existence is assumed as fact in Scripture (Gen 1:1, Rev 22:20).

God is incomprehensible (Rom 11:33), but knowable; intimately through Jesus (Joh 1:18, 17:3, Heb 1:1-3, 1Jn 5:20).

Conviction of faith in man attests to His existence if one believes (Heb 11:6).

The testimony of the Holy Ghost and the continued assurance of His comfort attests to God’s existence in the believer (Gal 4:6).

God is personal (Gen 2:4, Gen 22:14, Exo 15:26, Exo 17:15, Jdg 6:24, Psa 23:1, Jer 23:6, Psa 24:10, Eze 48:35 - all personal names).

God is infinite and eternal (1Ki 8:27, Gen 14:18-22, Job 11:7-9, Exo 3:4-6, Joh 8:58, Psa 90:2, Joh 17:5, Rev 4:8).

God is unchanging (Mal 3:6, Jas 1:17, Heb 13:8).

God is the Creator and sustainer of the world who has manifested Himself through Christ.  God has revealed Himself through the physical world.  The greatest revelation of God comes through Christ and the Holy Bible.  God may be described in terms of Attributes.  Absolute “Natural” Attributes – (only God has these):
  1. Self-Existence, God is the Absolute Source of all life and being, the Uncaused Cause.
  2. Immutability “Changeless” (Heb 1:12).
  3. Eternity “Eternal” (2Pe 3:8, Rev 1:8).
  4. Omnipresence “Everywhere” (Psa 139:7-12, Gen 18:25) He is the God of all heavens and earth.
  5. Omniscience “All Knowing” (Job 37:16, Rom 11:33-36, Psa 147:5).
  6. Omnipotence “All Powerful” (Gen 17:1, 18:14).
  7.  Sovereignty - Everything results from the will of God (Eph 1:4-5). However, life is available to any on the basis of choice (Rev 22:17).
Moral Attributes:
  1. Holiness “To Separate” (Isa 6:1-3, Eph 4:24) God demands holiness, what God demands He supplies.  The believer throughout his Christian life is being sanctified though the Word, and the Holy Ghost, for it is the purpose of God to present us unto Himself un-blamable in holiness.
  2. Righteousness (Gen 18:25, Deu 32:4, Rom 2:6-16) what is right as opposed to what is wrong.  Justice and administration of Justice.
  3. Love (Mercy, Goodness) (1Jn 4:7-16) Essential, God wanted an object to pour out his benevolent love upon. 
  4. Truth (Joh 14:6) Veritas – “Truth, by whomsoever pro-nounced, is from God.” 


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