The Holy Bible is God’s Word, and an attestation to His existence. The Holy Bible is the rule of faith, doctrine, discipline, conduct, and worship that governs man; that is, God's inspired, pure and infallible Word as preserved unaltered, translated, and perfected in the seventh ancient English tongue, the AUTHORIZED or KING JAMES VERSION.

Why the Authorized Version:

The Word of God is Holy, and the Devil is in opposition to the Word of God. There are four things known about the Holy Word of God:

  1. Inspired – God’s Word is inspired (2Ti 3:16).
  2. Pure – God’s Word is pure (Psa 119:140), and this pureness extends to each and every word (Pro 30:5). 
  3. Preserved – God promised to preserve His Word (Psa 12:6-7). 
  4. It is FORBIDDEN to alter it – (Rev 22:18-19).

The Authorized Version of the Holy Bible was the only Holy Bible predominantly used by all denominations during the Philadelphian church age, which contained the greatest revivals, and produced the most stable Christians in the history of the church. The Philadelphian church was the only church in Revelation praised for keeping the Lord’s Word, and the only church to not be corrected.

The Word of God is described as a sword, and is the only offensive weapon the Christian has to fight against the enemies he encounters (Eph 6:17). Changing it by removing or adding to God’s Word, as has been done by other “NEW” versions, makes this weapon ineffectual as proven by example by the current spiritual condition of the secular church.


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