Only One Flower

Only One Flower

            Because of the pain, it is feared but forgotten; and the answer, so you will not find out.  Why hide it?  His work, your application, or lack thereof, brings it.  But, why hide it?  And I looked, and understood.  That which grows in between, must choose, and must be paid for the choice.

            You have not discovered its true face, if you had, yours would appear similar instead of duplicitous.  Truth: the reality is you see it, but don’t see it, but are satisfied with the weeds instead.  I understood; first estate or second, either way, you would choose the weeds.

            It was necessary, I can never live with you, or me like you, your picture is false.  That which is, is, and that which is not, is not though it is, until void.  You cannot appropriate it on your own while you choose two; it is unattainable in that case.  Why do you try to have both?

            I was always alone unless I chose what you choose.  There is no balance, and I cannot stand in the middle, which is what I tried.  Who delivers from its bite which waits on both sides, and knowing that it waits on both, how can I stand on the wrong?  Because everyone else is? 

            I understood, but why?  Was it not better when I did not know?  That’s right, His work, the application; I am constrained by a Great will.  Why me, to see, is to live the same pain, suffer shame, for a Name none want for what is hid in their hearts.  You say you want it, then why are you on the other side?

            It’s coming, and you cannot stop it, no matter which side you choose; and worse, you think you understand.  How can you?  You are standing on the wrong side of two choices trying to make the lesser accepted by reason of that which is hid contrarily in your heart.  It will not work for the fact that there are two choices.

            Now I wait with it, staring at it, because it has no power over me; but unlike you, I have not forgotten that it is there.  Of the two choices, I chose the Greater.  Of two choices, all overlook the hidden one in favor of the obstinate, while in between.


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