Why Pt. 01 - Short MMVM

There are certainly enough truthers exposing the ridiculousness of the ISS space station.  I used to work for a company that made scientific vacuum equipment at about the time Flat Earthers were peeking on YouTube.  I would ask them tons of questions, and it was there I learned that combustion engines will not work in vacuum environment.  They may fire, but there is no atmosphere for them to propel off of to move.  The fuel and thrust will just exit outward and leave the vehicle right where it is.

I also learned how thick the containers have to be to withstand the pressures pulling inward to create vacuums.  In NASA’s fake space, the ISS would have to be a multiple of times thicker than submarines to prevent explosion outward.  Additionally, there is no way a person could “spacewalk” in those absurd suits they wear.  There is an old film on the internet showing the one and only test ever done of someone going into a vacuum chamber in a suit to see if it was possible.  He passed out and almost died in a low vacuum.


Anyway, that is why all you ever see from people supposedly on the ISS, is them playing games or gelling their hair to make it stick up.  They are in a studio or on the vomit comet (an airplane executing parabolic flight) simulating weightlessness.  You can believe their lies if you want to, but don’t laugh at me because your facade is crumbling under actual scientific proof showing it is impossible to live in the fake environment of space with the equipment they supposedly use.  Wake up…


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