Another God Fade

This video is the first MMVM I made in the Death$Doorstep series using the anime Another.  It caused such a controversy that my adulterous wife convinced my daughter to file a restraining order on me.  The only reason I put my daughter’s name and some specifics about her birth in it was because the song, Questions In A World Of Blue by Julee Cruise, was made the same year as her birth.  What I believe was the upsetting part was that the video is rebuking adultery, and since my wife has been committing adultery (for sure) since 2015, she does not want to hear the truth about her condition.

It is a disconcerting phenomenon to watch someone you trusted and made a lifelong commitment with turn into a liar and someone who covers their sins in falsehoods that they maintain to their friends.  Here is a truth that the rest of us know – your friends (and family) also know you are a liar and that you are committing a sin.  They are just obliging you to your face because they do not have the courage to confront you and probably pay God the same lip service you do.  However, behind your back, you can bet they are talking about you in truth!

You are not helping people by coddling them in their sins.  This world and the love of this world, to include the pleasures you covet and prize with lies, does not matter.  If you fail to die to self and lead a life that loves God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, then you might as well join my adulterous wife and enjoy the pleasures of this world – for that will be your only reward, or should I say, wages of sin. 


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