From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.  Joh 6:66.

During Jesus’ ministry, many (not a few), but many would turn back and no longer follow the Lord because of His doctrine and example of holy life unto God.  Today, we see those who were ministers, praise and worship leaders, and so on who have changed their testimony and have decided that they are no longer “Christian.”  I tell you these people went back a long time ago, this time, they just went back further for the pleasures of the world and an open reunion with sin. 

In a way I can respect their choice, the choice to no longer be religious hypocrites but full-fledged children of the Devil.  Many who still cling to the name “Christian” are living the kinds of lives these tares went back to while they make excuses to remain deceived.  Therefore, I applaud this new witness to no longer be whited sepulchres.  The kingdom of God has suffered more at the hands of false brethren than the Devil himself although his part was among them.

Did Jesus try and stop those who no longer wanted to follow Him, or take to the stump to berate their choice?  No, He simply lit the fire under their falsehood:

Therefore said I unto you, that no man can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.  Joh 6:65.

The false brethren today (who are changing their testimony), are no longer of concern – they turned back to save their lives in the world and fill their gullet with vomit.  Now, if the others would do us the same privilege, a spotless bride may appear.  In a way these sinners have chosen candidly to serve sin.  You have to admire their bravery, for where devils fear and tremble these have rebelled in public for all to see.  It does take a certain kind of fool to stand against God openly. 

This should make the other “Christians” (the deceived and hypocrites) feel like cowards.  I mean you who claim the name of Christ while living in sin, you are a coward when compared to these children of the Devil.  There has been and always will be just two choices, repent of your sins or continue to serve sin.  Only the false secular churches offer you the third choice of keeping your sins and living after the flesh while pretending to serve God.  That is not love, it is compromise for the purpose of profit.

It is like a woman who commits adultery and treacherously leaves her husband but decides to keep his name for financial gain.  People still claim the name of Christ but are committing spiritual adultery on Him by living for the sins of the flesh to gain that temporal pleasure.

So, I had a dream about slicing a tomato.  In this dream there was another person who I used to know but now they are part of the deceived (possibly a hypocrite at this point) that still claim to be “Christian.”  Now I have backslid a number of times back into carnal living, but it never has satisfied me as much as the gospel, prompting my return.  Additionally, I have never backslid to the point of choosing to change my testimony or live in open sin.  

Sin in our time has so consumed the world, and the secular churches, that the defense of sound doctrine is no longer feasible for these churches because they want to survive in the world.  The incorporated churches need proselytes and the world’s money to survive, and it comes at a price, which is why we are seeing so many churches compromise (even more) on sin and their acceptance of it.  Eventually, the question of who truly belongs to the Lord and who does not will be self-evident, the conclusion of all truth.

This person in my dream is a burden in the natural to my emotions and mental wellbeing, and for many years now when I pray in the Holy Ghost the Spirit has told me to be joyful followed by the fate of this person.  For them, the Holy Ghost has told me that their fate is sealed, they shall perish.  Now no one likes to hear that someone they care for is going to perish in the natural, but hearing that they are going to die spiritually is even more disturbing.  In my dream I reached the stem core of the tomato.

I saw them in this dream, in all the world’s glory, and while I have no cleaver interpretation for the dream, when I hit the stem of the tomato they were gone, and I ran out of questionable fruit to slice.  I wanted to keep going, even changing the angle of the knife to avoid that which is useless, but it made no difference, they were no more. 

And that is how it is and was with the Lord when many turned back and no longer followed Him.  It did not daunt His ministry because of the joy that was set before Him.  If you are truly following God this will happen to you, not just might happen, it will happen to you.  If your life is sunshine and roses and everybody likes you, I would seriously question your walk.  The Lord said that the world will hate you and you will suffer in this world for His name sake.

Your relationship with the Lord takes precedence over all, your witness to His love in your life is expressed by your commitment to follow and keep His words which displays that love to others.  If you are walking contrary to this commitment, then you are worse than the devils and the children of the Devil mentioned above who have chosen openly to rebel.  We never question whether or not those who deny God shall be saved, but I say question those religious who are deceived and deceiving others through lives that are not 100% sold out to God.

Come out of the world and the world’s secular churches’ view of religion, it will not save you.  Stop finding reasons to NOT keep God’s word and start walking in the Spirit.  God will not be mocked, when you arrive at your judgement you will be faced with His word as it is written without the gloss of man’s interpretation.  If you are not going to do this, at least have the common courtesy to follow the example of the children of the Devil and quit claiming to be following God, using His name, and quit muddying up the water of the word.

That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.  Eph 5:26-27.


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