Kiss of the Dragonfly

Kiss of the Dragonfly


Graceful upon the waters of tears, memories of life arrive with years.  Mindful reminiscing feels their sting, slumbered musings may embrace a fling.  The happy are the best to be had, the unhappy are equally sad.


You can’t prepare for their arrival, remembrance can threaten survival.  They will fly back to you from behind, and transmit their visions to remind.  For you to dwell too long can seem wrong, near the space of a second or song. 


May several become cherished in time, you’ll revere others deadly as crime.  A cringe for the bitter is likely, sob for the sweet if only slightly.  Ignore the ones you hate if you can, accumulate the precious as sand.


The retained will not match the result, their end is a prospective insult.  A fair flash belongs to everyone, with yours predisposed it’s troublesome.  The tales of false nostalgia impede, why care I for the lies that succeed?


Who picks what we forget or recall, moments that are not embraced by all?  Why’s the reel recording in my mind, different than the slanders of the blind?  Perhaps a way to avoid the bite, and so others can’t view honest sight?


Conceivably some are evidence, the balance witness of innocence.  Those who dare impose what is contrived, eventually destroy their own lives.  While the surplus will serve to maintain, an instance when virtue did sustain.


Surely there’ll be a reckoning day, memories will express the true way.  If you have denied the truth of yours, without and locked may you find the doors.  The last thing that will torment your head, the memory repeating your dead.


This may be your last chance to repent, of harm you caused others to lament.  Forsake pride of life become humble, your lies have caused others to stumble.  The Kingdom is closer than you think, to your evil eye it’s but a blink.





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