Release the Day of Malice

 Release the Day of Malice

          At the rising and setting of every sun, why tell me the Adulteress lies to anyone?  Why tell me the Adulteress is dirty, sins, and dies; why constantly tell me of her lies?  Is the memory of the Adulteress’s treachery not enough, I know God would not torment me with such stuff?  What purpose is there in His steady uttering, a forecast filled with the Adulteress’s putridity?  If He forgets our sins why does He repetitively remind, of the Adulteress’s guile with which she continues to malign?

          There is no gladness in the Adulteress’s called Demise, there is some joy that God does see her lies.  It is not a delight in the Adulteress’s fall, but that His uprightness wins out overall.  In spite of what you or the Adulteress think, it is His glory, justice, and righteousness I seek.  It is His judgement upon the Adulteress’s lies, He keeps telling me repeatedly that through them she hides.  He laughs at your disaster and my trial of innocence, because the Adulteress blinded you with her words of wickedness.

          It must be a warning of manifold intent, why tell me the Adulteress refuses to repent?  Maybe some will hear and avoid the same hell, who is the Adulteress lying to on such a scale?  Why does it concern me for Thee to repeat it so much, will others hear and escape the Adulteress’s clutch?  Will they believe the truth of this memoranda, or continue to believe the Adulteress’s propaganda?  

          If you have assisted along with the other, be warned of the Adulteress my “gross brother:”  “When thou sawest a thief then thou consentedst with him, and hast been partaker with adulterers” Adulteress her pseudonym.  You need to read Psalm 50 in its entirety, it matters not that you are the Adulteress’s family.  Ignorance of righteousness did not save Sodom and Gomorrah; the Adulteress is judged throughout the Torah.  The Adulteress’s infidelity and fidelity to lies, has inspired and acquired her fate shared with allies.

          Are you listening to what the Spirit speaks to me from on high, that the Adulteress is telling all of you lies?  Will you continue to drink in the Adulteress’s deceit, are the stolen waters she provides you really that sweet?  Know you not that the dead are there for the Adulteress’s involvement, that her guests swell hell because they share her judgement?  Do you believe unaware input in the Adulteress’s lies, will prevent your correction for partaking in her crimes?

          To the rest of you Divorced Remarried Adulteresses beware, what is accepted here is enmity up there.  The Adulteress known by Any name dies, the Holy Ghost has sealed it for all her lies.  Divorced Remarried Adulteresses know God knew her by name, you can still choose to repent before receiving a fate that’s the same.  If you’re in a common law relationship yet have a living spouse from way back when, come out of it you Adulteress or you will not enter in.  All truth becomes self-evident with the passing of time, and He has yet to forget the Adulteress’s, devious, cheating, crime.


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