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Nothing is as alien as the simple truth, and nothing is less inclined to be heard. 

When there’s no rhyme, reason, or working it out,…you know you’re eating herring and not trout. 

It’s the rook look baby, eruption stance; God knows the TRUTH…the magnitude of your transgression. 

You are in God’s Cathedral – Why else does thunder echo?  Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. 

How can you not hate a lawyer?  Wonder what the saved to lost ratio is on lawyers?  They do have an “evil” occupation.  According to Jesus, no lawyer is saved, and He did not talk about many professions.  "Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered."  Luk 11:52.

In my extensive experiences, I have never met a Virtuous Woman.  From school, businesses, and military, to duplicitous Christians and in-laws, to my parents, my 4 daughters, and my wife of 24 years who had an affair and is now living with the dirty stomp around; the conclusion is that this is a legitimate biblical question with no answer, and indeed the one who can find a truly Virtuous Woman would have one of the single most treasured prizes this world has… 

Hurricane Katrina, You killed my lawyer…Thanks. 

It is my hope that you repent.  However, whether you hear or not, others may; everyone sees the truth behind your back, beyond the lies. 

It is a shame but, what we imagine moves us more than real life; for the fictional presents fidelity where the existent fraud.  So, which one is really phony?

It’s Your Immorality, You Can’t Blame Others

A Testimony - Equivalent to: College, Textbooks, Pictures, Video, TV, Science, Lying Adulteresses, Politicians, Reporters, Actors, in short the world.

Top 5 moral sins committed against another: Dishonoring Parents, Murder, Adultery, Stealing, and Bearing False Witness.  Only the offended party can forgo the debt of the sin.  Meaning?  You cannot just commit these sins and ask God to forgive you, because there is another damaged party...STUPID.

Thoughts on why he will never marry you:  There is more to being the Mayor’s wife than dancing on tables.  Watch the turnabout… and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband COMMITTETH ADULTERY. 

In December? No, it was October, it has always been October for me.  She shed Not One Tear, what does that tell you? 

Infidelity now defines you.

I would rather be right about it being wrong, than be wrong about it being right.

Never loved, just used...

My name, I have many.  Oh, you mean the one that rhymes with candlestick (Luke 11:33).

Welcome to the Laodicean Church Age and the Counter Reformation.

Marriage is like war, easy to get into, hell to get out of.

This business is nothing more than the garden of our sustenance.  To see it as anything else is the imaginations of an arrogant heart!

Self is a god, easily worshiped; Yet powerless to redeem.
Jesus clearly revoked Moses’ bill of divorcement (that he had added to God’s word), it is not even to be used by Christians; and incidentally, Moses’s divorcement did not have anything to do with a consummated marriage or adultery (because they stoned adulterers).  
All music is the world’s music.  Christian artists profit from their music as readily as those NOT claiming a religious affiliation, why else do they copyright it?  If God gives freely, their profiting from Him is more of an unrighteous act than the mainstream musicians.  Many popular “Christian” artists cross over into the mainstream often.  Why can we not appropriate a mainstream song that is equally transcendent and call it spiritual if it edifies?  

When you forget how to care for other people, your life becomes an empty one.

If mammonites  want to prevent others from transforming an original work into something entirely new and taking it further than where they found it, then they must find a way to deny everyone from hearing, seeing, or experiencing it in the first place.  Selfishness (money) truly is the root of all evil.

Some might think a sea sailing battleship converted into a “space” ship is laughable.  However, considering that “space” is really water (Genesis 1:7), the concept is an exceptional use of “in plain sight” truth.  Sea of stars is a true statement, since light must have a medium to travel through.   Hence, a “vacuum” of nothing means light cannot journey from distant “galaxies,” which disproves Einstein’s theory.  Thoughts on Star Blazers.

Stop stretching the story and working my nerves with too much pointless elaborating and bothersome variations that are unnecessary and uncomfortable.  Let the good guy be the good guy throughout, and try not to punish him too much; and if you cannot be original, do not be waffling and unnerving.

I love seeing cleverness outwit enterprise.  However, once you have seen such cunning, it is less effective the second or third time around. 

I am a sucker for a melancholy vibe. 

I appreciate love that faithfully grows in contrast to our world’s perfidious approach to relationships.
Be careful of interpretations of Scripture that have opposing viewpoints where you are choosing a biased one that allows you to sin verses obedience to God’s moral Law.  A fool disregards the FACT that there are two (or more) interpretations and chooses the selfish one.  The wise see the two, and chooses the righteous one out of fear and love of God above self.  That the fool has chosen the unrighteous path is proof by example that he does not love God, which is the first and great commandment.  Selflessness (Benevolent Love) – is the whole of the Law. 

The keeping of the commandments never brought Salvation, Salvation made it possible to keep the commandments.  You will not find in the Bible even the opportunity to be saved by keeping the commandments, but the opportunity to be saved to keep God’s word.  That is faith, the only doctrine the Bible ever taught in regards to Salvation; both Old and New Testament, there is no new doctrine in this regard.

Zigzag to a straight line...maybe?
People are so wicked today that they will just settle for a show of religion, that's why the Roman Catholic Church is so popular.

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